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Manager's New Hire Checklist

This page provides a list of tasks or processes that need to be completed before a new employee can access systems and other information vital to their positions. This list is for managers, supervisors, administrative analysts/specialists, administrative support coordinators and administrative staff that mentor and orient the new employee in their new job.

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To assist managers in gaining campus services for new employees review pdf of Managers Quick New Hire Checklist. This checklist is not intended to be a complete listing of necessary onboarding information. Review the information below for more thorough information.

Access Hire Process

All services depend on the completion of Employment paperwork and the Department/Unit request/authorization for access to campus services. Note that the Access Hire Process may be needed if account setup is needed in advance.

Primary Access and Account Information (for most employees)

Wildcat ID Card

The Wildcat Card is essential for many services across campus, including building access and free transportation in Butte County on the B-Line buses. The Wildcat ID card office is located inside ITSS in the Meriam Library in Rm 142. An official form of photo identification is required, such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport. View Wildcat Card Office website for more information.


Email is automated in Account Center based on data from PeopleSoft. Information about the timing and data needed in PeopleSoft for an account to be automatically provisioned can be found in the Access Hire Process. New employees who do not have an existing account with Chico State will receive an email with information on how to claim their new account. New employees with a prior relationship with Chico State and an existing account can work with their department to get the information needed to reset their existing account password.

Portal Account

No additional steps are needed. The same user name and password is used for email and portal access. The ability to log into the portal will be set up at the same time email is set up.

This personalized secure site allows the employee to access e-mail, Blackboard Learn and more. After they receive their first paycheck, they can log into the portal to see pay information.

Phone Display and Voicemail

An employee's phone can be programmed to display their name and display any phone extensions by going through the Computing and Communications Services (CCSV) website.

Contact Computing and Communications Services (CCSV) for design and implementation of additions, moves and changes for both voice and data communications on campus. You can activate your voicemail though their website.

Keys and Card Access

University keys and access to buildings using a Wilcat ID Card are issued and maintained by Facilities Management & Services. Keys and card access for Faculty, Staff, and Students can be requested on an Authorization Form. These forms must be signed by a Dean or a Department Head prior to issuance of keys or granting of access. View Key Shop website for more information.

Other Account Access (needed for some positions)

Copier Account

Your department Printing Services representative can request a copier account by submitting Uniflow request.

Department Folders on Bay

Explain to the employee your department process for saving documents in //bay folders. Provide them access to //bay folders by using your department's internal process or contacting ITSS. Explain how files saved on //bay are backed up and files saved on the employees' hard drive are not.

CMS/PeopleSoft Administrative Access - HR, Student Admin & CFS

Submit a request for PeopleSoft access; being as thorough as possible, stating the type(s) of access being requested; you will then be contacted by representatives of each type of access bring requested. Administrative Access to CMS/PeopleSoft and report access to CMS/PeopleSoft data is granted by completing an access form for the area of access needed. Information about CMS/PeopleSoft access and report access is available on the Application Security Access website. Contact or with any questions you may have.

  • PeopleSoft Self Service functions are available via the campus Portal.

Campus Marketplace, Staples Advantage, and Procurement Card Accounts

US Bank Travel Card

The US Bank Travel Corporate Card offers employees requiring university-related travel at least two times per year the convenience of not having to use personal credit cards for travel related expenses. For more information contact Natalie Noziska (x5866) or

Foundation Accounts

Foundation accounts are administrated by the Research Foundation and the University Foundation. Below is a listing of account number ranges and the office to contact for information or training for these accounts.

Accounts Managed by Foundation Administration - 898-3811
Account Type Account Numbers Foundation
Annual Fund, Scholarships and Endowments 010000-09999 University
Board Designated 40000-40090 Research
Enterprise 51000-56999 Research
Campus Program 80000's (odd numbers 81, 83, 85, 87, 89) Research
Accounts Managed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RESP) - 898-5700
Account Type Account Numbers Foundation
Board Designated 40091-41999 Research
Grant & Contract 58000-79999 Research
Campus Program 80000's (even numbers 80, 82, 84, 86, 88) Research

CRA User Security Authorization Form

CRA - Please submit a request for CRA access to reports containing Applicant Info, Admit Info, Enrolled Student Data, Advisement, Graduation & Student Life Contact and/or Authorization Form. For questions please contact:, Zip 737.

Banner - Advancement Employees as appropriate

Contact and/or Authorization Form Link – Advancement Director needs to go through the Portal to access and print the User Access Form & Confidentiality Agreement to have the new complete, sign and obtain appropriate signatures.


New Employee Orientation

A half-day Employee Orientation is offered to help new employees become familiar with the history of the university, its mission, goals, values and objectives, university organization and administration, and expectations for conduct. The New Employee Orientation is coordinated by the Human Resources Service Center Professional Development area. Orientation introduces new employees to the organization and culture of the University and provides employees with critical policy, procedure and service information including benefits and work/life resources.

Compliance Training

All CSU, Chico employees are required to complete training as required by law, CSU, or campus policies. Most of these trainings are web-based and can be completed at an employee’s workstation. Employees will be automatically enrolled in on-line trainings during their first month of employment. Supervisors should be prepared to schedule 6+ hours and a location for the employee to complete the on-line training. Please ask the employee to go to and click Login to DTS. They must use their campus e-mail/portal account login and password for this system. Before launching the online course, it's important to read and update their campus computer using the instructions here, and read any e-mails from For more information, go to Professional Development

Employee Development

The university offers a variety of opportunities for employee development. The website links employees to a multitude of opportunities. Many departments work together to provide a range of training opportunities from campus processes to self-development as an employee. The Campus (Event) Calendar also lists workshops available on campus.

The campus also has a contract with, which employees can use as needed for on-the-job training.

IT Training

Information Resources offers Information Technology Training for faculty and staff. can be used for desktop systems and application, WWW usage and development, electronic resources, University-supported software applications, campus-specific databases and Instructional Technology. For Professional Development on campus training, employees should be directed to the Development and Training System (DTS) to view scheduled instructor-led courses.

CMS/PeopleSoft Training

General Information

Campus Directory

The on-line CSU, Chico Campus Directory includes all faculty, staff and students can be found at the following link:

Faculty and Staff Webpage

From the CSU, Chico home page you can easily navigate to the Faculty and Staff page. This website includes “Quicklinks” to commonly accessed pages and is a useful launch page to resources for faculty and staff. Included are Faculty resources, Employee Resources, Data Tools, and more.

Room & Event Scheduling

Contact Facilities Reservations for room and event scheduling. You can also view calendars for both General Use Conference and Lecture Rooms by viewing Astra Schedule. More information can be found on Academic Affairs Space & Facilities site.

Campus Calendar

The campus calendar is an online system that provides means of sharing information about university meetings, deadlines, and events, including those open to the public. For more information read the campus calendar guidelines and view the campus calendar.

Campus Map

Campus maps for any need can be found online.

Campus Dining

There are a number of places to eat on campus, such as Creekside Coffee, Butte Station, Holt Station, and the Market Place Café.

Campus Library

Library privileges are extended to employees. Employees may borrow books by presenting their Wildcat ID. More information about the Miriam Library can be found online.

Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)

The TAPS website provide information about parking, biking, alternative transportation options, Zipcar, Zimride and more.


State Travel Request forms MUST be submitted for all state employees for professional and business related travel regardless of the funding source (state, foundation, etc.). For more information contact Travel.


  • Staff In order for you to be authorized to prepare Staff and/or Student Payroll review Signatory Responsibilities and Form Information. Contact your payroll tech in the Human Resources Service Center for individual training if necessary. View Who Is My Payroll Technician? website to determine who your payroll technician is and their areas of responsibility.
  • Student Training is required prior to receiving access to complete the student payroll process within CMS/PeopleSoft.
    • CMS-HR Faculty and Staff Administer Workforce – Inquire.
    • CMS-HR Student Timesheet Tool (Contact your payroll analyst to schedule).
    • CMS-HR Time and Labor – Student Payroll.
  • Review Student Payroll web site for more information on student payroll process: Information regarding student employment can be found at: Student Employment Office web site.

Attendance and Absence Reporting

Inform the new employee that each month they will need to report absences or "no leave taken" online using the campus Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) system. This system is used in lieu of timesheets (with some exceptions). Instructions and a video for employees is online. Discuss any department procedures around requesting leave.

Human Resources Forms

HR forms are available on the HRSC Form & Documents website. To ensure the most current HR form is being used, refer to the form on the web rather than any saved locally to a machine.

HR Self Service Information

Once you have received your first paycheck, please log in via the CSU Chico Portal There is a link at the top right of the page that says "Sign in". Once you have successfully logged into the Portal, click on the "State Employee" tab. Use the links in the "HR Employee Information" section to access your HR Self Service information. The "HR Self Service User Guide" and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) document are available to provide more information.

Examples of Information Available in HR Self Service
  • Absence Management Self Service (AMSS): Links to perform absence reporting, view leave balances, view schedules, and to perform absence review and approval functions if you lead the work of others.
  • Personal Information: Name, Address, Emergency Contact (s), Payroll Designee, your Chico State ID Number, Military Status, Gender, Date of Birth, Highest Education Level, Education Summary Information, Ethnicity, etc.
  • Benefits Information: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, AD/D, & LTD Enrollments and dependent information.
  • Paycheck Information: Current Paycheck information, Paycheck history and all compensation changes from 7/1/2002 to the current date.