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Department Responsibility for Separating Employee

Separation Clearance Process

This page provides information regarding the requirement to and the steps for completing the Notice of Separation and the Separation Clearance Form. All separation action forms will still need to be prepared and submitted to the appropriate office. Staff Action Forms to the Human Resources office and Academic Change Forms to the Office of Academic Personnel.

Under provisions of the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections 8580.4, 8595, and 8116.1, each full or part-time employee separating from CSU, Chico must obtain clearance from all financial obligations and state-owned items. The Notice of Separation and Separation Clearance Forms are used to ensure this process is completed. See State Administrative Manual Section below.

The Notice of Separation (NOS) and the Separation Clearance Form (SCF) are used together in the separation process.

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  • Notice of Separation Instructions

    The separating department completes and submits the NOS to communicate the separation. Ideally this would occur at least two weeks prior and no later than the last day physically worked.

    • Responses from the NOS will be used for completion of the SCF.

    Using the Notice of Separation (Outlook Template). In the table provided, enter all information regarding those separating from your department or the university entirely and click the send button.

    1. Enter employee information; Name and Chico State ID #.
    2. Enter appropriate job information, including the Employee Record#(Empl Rcd #) for the separating position and the time base of that position.
    3. Enter appropriate department information.
    4. Enter other details as described below:
      • Employee Category – Enter appropriate classification; S = Staff and other classification including Graduate Assistants, F = Faculty, Coaches, Librarians and Teaching Associates, STU = Student with key or PeopleSoft access or V = Volunteer with campus access.
      • Separating from Dept or University – Enter “D” if separating from department only (employee retains position in another department); enter “U” if separating from university (separating from all departments).
      • Dept ID of New Position –If the employee is moving to a new department on campus, please note the destination Dept ID if known.
      • Estimated Last Day on Campus – Enter the last day employee will physically work on campus.
      • Separation Date – Enter separation date, the last day the employee will be paid. For Faculty use last day of semester.
    Notice of separation screen shot

    This email will go to the NOS Distribution list, there is no need to populate the “To” section of the email.

    If the Outlook template does not work for you, you can still use the Excel version(opens in new window). Download, complete and attach spreadsheet to an email and send it to the NOS Distribution list.

  • NOS Service Center Instructions

    Following your department guidelines, ‘Reply’ to the email with specific information regarding the service or property the listed employee has. You can then proceed to terminate access or collect items using the appropriate dates specified in the email.

    • Estimated Last Day on Campus –This is the last day that the employee will physically work on campus.
    • Separation Date –this is the last day the employee will be paid –the date that will be used on separation paperwork and keyed into the PeopleSoft HR system.
  • Separation Clearance Form Instructions

    The separating department initiates the SCF for employees leaving their department or the university. This is also done prior to the separating employee’s last day physically worked.

    • Use responses from the NOS Services Centers to complete the Separation Clearance Form.
    • Review the SCF and the Separating Employee Responsibility webpage with the employee and have the employee sign the Employee Responsibility Section.
      • Have the employee view their address in HR Self Service, Personal Information Summary(opens in new window). If needed, ask that they visit the Human Resources Service Center front counter in Kendall 220 to change their current address on file for W-2, final warrant, benefits/COBRA, etc.
    • Recover all items listed on the Separation Clearance Form, as applicable, noting the check boxes.
      • Collect and return Wildcat Card to MLIB 142.
      • Collect and shred Travel and Procurement cards.
      • Collect permanent parking decal and return it to Cashiering zip 242.
      • Collect all keys that may have been assigned to the departing employee and return to the Key Shop in FMS.
    • Ensure Department Signature Authorizations are updated. Contact Accounts Payable(opens in new window) and Human Resources Information Systems(opens in new window)
    • Department representative signs and dates SCF. Send completed form to Employment Services zip 010.
  • State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections

    State Administrative Manual(opens in new window) sections related to the separation of employees are available for review and download.

    • Appendix A - Employee Separations (SAM 8580.4)
    • Appendix B - Revolving Fund Advances (SAM 8595)
    • Appendix C - Recovery of Travel Advances (SAM 8116.1)
  • Have Questions?

    For questions and additional information regarding separation procedures refer to Separation Process FAQs.