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Department Responsibility for Separating Employee

Contact Human Resources as Soon as Possible Upon Notification of an Employee Separation

Employee separations must be communicated to the Human Resources office ( as soon as possible after receiving a resignation notice from an employee. If an employee provides the CSU with at least 72 hours notice of their intent to quit or retire, all wages due must be paid to that employee on their last day of work. In order to comply with this requirement, our campus needs as much notice as possible as our payroll is processed through the State Controller's Office.

Human Resources will now be sending an Employee Exit Survey directly to employees who are voluntarily leaving the university. This will be a confidential and anonymous resource for collecting feedback from employees to determine trends and best practices for staff retention. Supervisors should encourage separating employees to complete the survey, and provide roughly twenty minutes for them to do so prior to their final day. Thank you.

Separation Clearance Process

This page provides information regarding the requirement to and the steps for completing the Notice of Separation (NOS), Employee Notification, Separation Clearance Form (SCF) and separation action forms that complete the separation clearance process.

Under provisions of the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections 8580.4, 8595, and 8116.1, each full or part-time employee separating from CSU, Chico must obtain clearance from all financial obligations and state-owned items. See State Administrative Manual Section below.

  1. Employee notifies manager of pending separation - or - Department initiates separation.
  2. Notice of Separation (NOS) is submitted PRIOR to the employee's last workday.
  3. Department will send the Employee Notification (EN) to the employee showing their responsibilities upon separation.
    1. Human Resources will send instructions to the employee to complete the Employee Exit Survey.  Please ensure that the employee is given sufficient notice to complete this task prior to their last day of employment.
  4. Separating documentation is created for payroll.
    1. Human Resources will create the Payroll Processing Document (PPD) based off the information sent in the NOS.  Departments DO NOT need to complete a PPD.
    2. For Faculty and Students, the college/department will create the ACF or Planned Separation or the Student Employee Termination documents and route to payroll.
  5. Department will complete and submit the separation Clearance from (SCF) to employment, using the email template.
  6. Human Resources audits for completion of the process monthly.

The Department initiates the Notice of Separation (NOS), Employee Notification (EN) and the Separation Clearance Form (SCF) which are used together in this separation clearance process. If it is determined that a separating employee needs to go through this process, all the steps need to be completed (NOS, EN, SCF and Separating forms). See corresponding sections below for instructions.

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  • Who do I have to do the Separation Clearance Process for?

    If you have an employee leaving your department or the university, assume this process needs to be followed. All Student employees (including Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants) and volunteers who have been granted elevated services must have a NOS and SCF.

    Note: Elevated services are anything that you would have to open a ticket to request, including, but not limited to PeopleSoft Access (CS, CFS or HR), reporting platforms, Key Card access, physical keys, etc.

    Situations that would not require this process are limited to:

    • Special Consultants, Faculty Additional Appointments (2403) and Special Session instructors who also hold a Faculty or Staff position that is not being separated.
    • Students and volunteers who have not received additional elevated services.

    Employees on Leave of Absence or Short Work Break (including FERP's or faculty with 3-year contracts on semester's off or faculty on Sabbatical) - This separation process is not required for people on leave. Each department should coordinate directly with campus services centers to suspend access where appropriate.

    If you are unsure whether you should use the Separation Clearance Process for a person please contact Employment Services.

  • Notice of Separation Instructions (NOS)

    Notice of Separation (Outlook Template)(opens in new window)

    In many cases this Notice of Separation will be the notification to Payroll of an employee’s separation, this should be done at least 3-days prior to the employee’s last day worked in order for payroll to have pay ready on time.

    The separating department completes and submits the NOS to communicate the separation.

    • Responses from the NOS will be used for completion of the Separation Clearance Form (SCF).

    Using the Notice of Separation (Outlook Template)

    Click the link above for the Notice of Separation and an email will open. In the table provided, enter all information regarding those separating from your department or the university.  Dates noted on the NOS will have action taken Close of Business (COB) on the date noted.

    1. In the subject line of the email, please replace "EE Name" with employee's name if you are reporting for a single person or the word "Multiple" if reporting multiple people.
    2. Enter employee information; Name and Chico State ID #.
    3. Enter appropriate job information, including the Employee Record# (Empl Rcd#) for the separating position and the time base of that position.
      • This information can be found in Job Data in PeopleSoft HR
    4. Enter appropriate department information.
    5. Enter other details as described below:
      • Employee Category – Enter appropriate classification
        • S= Staff and other classifications
        • F= Faculty, Coaches, Librarians, Graduate Assistants and Teaching Associates,
        • STU= Student with key or PeopleSoft access, OR
        • V= Volunteer with elevated services.
      • Separating from - Enter appropriate code;
        • D= if separating from department only (employee retains position in another department),
        • U= if separating from university (separating from all departments).
      • Dept ID of New Position –If the employee is moving to a new department on campus, please note the destination Dept ID if known.
      • Estimated Last Day Worked – This is the last day the employee will be completing work and require access to buildings and specialized computer applications.  This must be on or before the Separation Date.
      • Separation Date – Enter separation date, the last day the employee will be paid. For Faculty use last day of semester.
        • For people retiring from campus, the Separation Date should be one day prior to the date that they are starting retirement.
      • Reason for Separation Code: Please enter for all staff and faculty separations
        NOTE: Select the appropriate code based on the employees Notice of Resignation or Notice of Retirement to the department. If they do not give a reason then select S10-7 Resignation - Other/Unknown.
        Reason codes
        S10-1Resignation -Major Professional Advancement (promotion, executive responsibilities etc.)
        S10-2Resignation -Better Salary
        S10-3Resignation -Better Working Conditions
        S10-4Resignation -Dissatisfied with the CSU (policies, financial support, administration etc.)
        S10-5Resignation -Dissatisfied with CSU promotion opportunities and/or salary
        S10-6Resignation -Personal Reasons (health, family, geography etc.)
        S10-7Resignation -Other/Unknown
        S31End Temporary Appointment
        S35Separation by Agency
        S70Service Retirement
      Notice of separation screen shot

    Click "Send". This email will go to NOS Distribution list, there is no need to populate the “To” section of the email.

    If the Outlook template does not work for you, you can still use the Excel version(opens in new window). Download, complete and attach spreadsheet to an email and send it to the NOS Distribution list.

  • NOS Service Center Instructions

    Following your department guidelines, ‘Reply’ to the email with specific information regarding the service or property the listed employee has. You can then proceed to terminate access or collect items using the appropriate dates specified in the email.

    Estimated Last Day on Campus – This is the last day that the employee will physically work on campus.

    Separation Date –this is the last day the employee will be paid – the date that will be used on separation paperwork and keyed into the PeopleSoft HR system.

    The information on this notice is regarded as sensitive information. We appreciate your confidentiality concerning any information you receive on the Notice of Separation.

  • Employee Notification Instructions (EN)

    Employee Notification (Outlook Template)(opens in new window)

    The department is responsible for notifying the employee of their responsibilities. An Outlook template has been provided. At the time of sending the Notice of Separation, the department should send information regarding employee responsibility during the separation process. Send to the employee using their campus email. Note on the Separation Clearance Form template email that the employee was notified.

    If you are unable to use the email template, copy and paste the verbiage below into an email:

    Subject: Separating Employee Information and Actions

    As part of the clearance process, employees are responsible for returning university property and clearing outstanding financial obligations on or before their last day of work. Failure to do so may result in a bill for penalty fees, property value, and/or cost of security restoration to a room or building.

    NOTE: Work closely with your department or college office to ensure all items are cleared in a timely manner.

    Upon separation, employees have an ongoing responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of any student and/or employee information to which they may have obtained during employment at the university.

    This is a list of items or actions that an employee may be responsible for depending on the type of transaction (separation from department or university):

    • Submit appropriate notice to department, if applicable
      • e.g. Notice of Resignation, Notice of Retirement or other
    • Complete the Employee Exit Survey that was sent to your CSU email from Human Resources***
    • Return Department/University Property
    • Before departing, faculty can log into Canvas and export their course materials using this Canvas tutorial.
      • Canvas course content will not be used or shared without written permission from the faculty member, or in case the faculty member is unable to do so, the Department Chair or College Dean.
      • Refer to the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, Art 39 (PDF) (PDF) and to CSU Chico, Intellectual Property Policy
    • Return Wildcat Card (if retiring, get new one)***
    • Return Library books and/or pay late fines
    • Return DUO Devices
    • Retiring employee's who wish to retain email should open a ticket(opens in new window)
    • Contact Human Resources Service Center, KNDL 220***
      • (W2, benefits, voluntary deductions, direct deposit. etc.)
    • Return Parking Decal to Student Financial Services or make appropriate arrangements
    • Work with your supervisor/department to ensure final absences are reported and approved in AMSS prior to your last day on campus.
    • Are you signed up for Cal Employee Connect (CEC)? The day after your separation date you will no longer have access to your information in HR Self Service on the campus portal. Register for a CEC account to securely access/view/print your earning statements and your W-2’s after separation. If you are already signed up, make sure you update your registered email to a personal email. Refer to "I am a registered CEC user. How do I change my email address?" in the FAQ list on the CEC website. If you have any questions, contact Payroll office at”

    ***May be specific to leaving the University

    Go to the Separating/Retiring Employee website for more information.

    Thank you for your service to our campus.

  • Separation Clearance Form Instructions (SCF)

    Separation Clearance (Outlook Template)(opens in new window)

    The separating department initiates the SCF for employees leaving their department or the university. This email template can be initiated at the same time that the NOS is processed and when completed sent to Human Resources Service Center via email.

    Information regarding the separating employee

    Complete the email template with information pertaining to the separating employee, including Name, Chico State ID #, PeopleSoft HR Empl Rcd # and department the employee is separating from including the Dept ID, and Separation Date. All fields requested should be completed.

    1. The Department and Empl Rcd # information can be found in PeopleSoft – CSU ID Search or Job Data.
    2. See FAQ’s for position specific questions.

    Checklist of Departmental Actions

    Review and complete the list of actions in this section. Checking these boxes is confirmation that the action has been completed by the department.

    The department must clear the Checklist of departmental actions. You can use responses from the NOS to complete if necessary.

    1. If one of these items does not apply to the separating employee, check the box indicating that it is cleared.
    2. These are items that could potentially cost the department or are required. If any of these boxes are left unchecked then the Department Head or Manager (Fiscally responsible person) needs to be copied on this email notification.
    3. Keys – If the employee has physical keys, the Key shop will reply to the NOS indicating such. When the keys are returned to the Key shop an additional email will be sent stating it is cleared.
      1. If a department or employee would like an itemized list of keys that have been issued, they can send a request to

    Resources for Information

    Other potential departmental actions

    These items are common access or services that CSU, Chico employees may have access to. For a more complete list see the Department’s Quick Off-Boarding Checklist(opens in new window). This is to aid you in making sure that all paperwork and/or access for an employee is addressed in a timely manner.

    Resources for Information

    Electronic processing of the SCF email

    Your CSU, Chico email is used in lieu of signing this Separation Clearance Form. If any of the clearance items in the Checklist of departmental actions section noted above are left unchecked, then the Department Head (Fiscally responsible person) needs to be CC’d on the email.

    As soon as the entire email template has been completed (items cleared) send it to Human Resources Service Center.

    Once the email template is received in HRSC, if any of the items in the Checklist of departmental actions have been left unchecked, a copy of the SCF will be forwarded to appropriate campus service department.

    If you are unable to use the email template for this portion of the process please use the PDF version (PDF) and submit the completed document to Human Resources Service Center following the same guidelines as described for submitting the email template.

    Property Collection

    The department or college office should make every effort to have property returned directly to the office or a department manager, Chair or Dean.

  • Separation Action Form Instructions (ACF and Planned Separation Report)

    Separation Action Forms include Academic Change Forms (ACF) and Planned Separation reports.

    All appropriate separating documentation should be submitted by payroll deadlines for appropriate pay to issue.

    Resources for Separating Documentation

    For employees separating from campus, contact your Payroll Technician to determine if a paper Absence and Additional Time Report(opens in new window) should be submitted or if absence information can be entered through Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) for the final month.

    NOTE: For employees transferring departments there is no separation document needed. The appointing PPD/AAF in the new department satisfies this responsibility.

  • Human Resources Audit Process

    Human Resources Service Center will be performing monthly audits of separated employees against the NOS and SCF forms that are received. Department Managers, Deans and/or HR Partners at the Division level will be notified of missing items during these audits. 

  • State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections

    State Administrative Manual(opens in new window) sections related to the separation of employees are available for review and download.

    • Appendix A - Employee Separations (SAM 8580.4)
    • Appendix B - Revolving Fund Advances (SAM 8595)
    • Appendix C - Recovery of Travel Advances (SAM 8116.1)
  • Have Questions?

    For questions and additional information regarding separation procedures refer to Separation Process FAQs.

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