Human Resources Service Center

Separation Process

Under provisions of the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections 8580.4, 8595, and 8116.1, each full or part-time employee separating from CSU, Chico must obtain clearance from all financial obligations and state-owned items.

Clearance Center Procedures


The ANSE and the SCF forms(opens in new window) are used in the separation process. Complete the ANSE first and use responses from Services Centers to complete the Separation Clearance Form for employees leaving the University.

  • ANSE (Advance Notification of Separating Employee) (Excel)
  • Separation Clearance Form (PDF)

State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections

State Administrative Manual(opens in new window) sections related to the separation of employees are available for review and download.

  • Appendix A - Employee Separations (SAM 8580.4)
  • Appendix B - Revolving Fund Advances (SAM 8595)
  • Appendix C - Recovery of Travel Advances (SAM 8116.1)

Have Questions?

For questions and additional information regarding separation procedures refer to Separation Process FAQs.