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Separation Process FAQs

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  • I did not get a response from a clearance center.

    Contact the clearance center, either by phone or email, for confirmation of clearance.

  • Do I have to complete the Separation Clearance Process for temp faculty or faculty on FERP who will return or be rehired in a future term?

    For breaks of one semester, if you have temp faculty that need to be separated (not a short work break) between appointments and you want them to keep campus services (email, blackboard, etc.) you will work with your college AAS to enter a contract for the lecturer for that future term and/or make them instructor of record in that future term. This same logic will pertain to this clearance process. Do not do a NOS/SCF for these people. However, it is the department’s responsibility to initiate this process when and if that person does not return for that future term. You will need to submit both the NOS and the SCF as well as working with the college AAS to make the contract “inactive” and/or removing the person as instructor of record.

    Faculty who have 3-year appointments or are FERP and will be put on short work break for various semesters will not need to go through this NOS/SCF process until their contract is over or they notify the department they will not be returning.

  • How do I treat faculty retiring to FERP?

    When a faculty retires and their employment status changes to FERP, they must go through the entire separation process. They need to turn in their ID card. (The President's Office sends them a letter that instructs them to obtain a new ID card reflecting their "retired" status.) If they have a permanent parking permit, it must be returned. Parking permits are available to FERP employee.

    Faculty keys should be returned for the period they are not teaching. Keys can be returned to the department to hold during that time if CLEARANCE is granted by the Key Shop. Clearance by the Key Shop required before you can sign off for keys on the Separation Clearance form. If something comes up during their off time and the employee does not return, the department can return the keys to the Key Shop. The department may be liable for the lost key fees if they are not returned.

    Since FERP faculty do not go through an exit interview, employees must go to Human Resources Services Center, Kendall 220 to ensure everything is in place for benefits, etc.

  • I have a FERP employee ending FERP status. What do I do?

    Follow the separation procedures and under intent to rehire, indicate “N”.

  • Do I separate Volunteers?

    State assets should not be checked out to a volunteer, however if campus services have been provided to a volunteer such as Wildcat Card and Campus e-mail then the Separation Clearance Process needs to be completed.

  • If an employee is moving from State employment to Foundation, is it necessary to initiate the separation clearance process?

    Yes, the employee will no longer be on State payroll and must go through the formal separation clearance process.

  • How are computer accounts and e-mail cleared? I don’t see them on the Separation Clearance form?

    When an active job data row or person of interest record no longer exists in PeopleSoft it results in all affiliations being lost in Account Center. Account Center automatically disables some account access such as email and also generates a ticket to Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) to remove additional access that requires manual intervention.

  • How do I process someone who leaves abruptly?

    Send the NOS as soon as possible using the actual departure date. Complete the remaining Separation Clearance processes and send to Employment Services.

  • If my department has to terminate someone’s employment, do I still need to complete the Separation Clearance Process?

    Yes, the employee will no longer be on State payroll and must go through the formal separation clearance process.

  • If I send the Notice of Separation email, do I still need to fill out a Payroll Processing Document or Academic Change Form?

    The Separation Clearance Process is just one portion in helping an employee exit the campus.  For staff/MPP positions, Human Resources will complete the PPD on behalf of the department based on the information provided in the Notice of Separation.  However, Human Resources will still need a copy of the letter of resignation/retirement.  Please email to  For faculty positions, the department is still required to complete an Academic Change form and submit to the Office of Academic Personnel.

  • How can I save the Notice of Separation email in my Department's Box folder?
    1. After you send the Notice of Separation email, navigate to your Outlook Sent Items folder and open the email you just sent.
      Outlook screenshot of Sent Items folder
    2. Choose File
      Choose file
    3. Select Save As Adobe PDF
      Save as Adobe PDF
    4. Navigate to the folder you want to store the document in, name it accordingly and click Save.
      Name file and save

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