Dec 24 Closure: Informal Day Off Approved

Absence Reporting Instructions

In celebration of the 2018 holiday season, the Governor has authorized a half day of informal time off for the holiday. In addition, the CSU Chancellor has granted authority to presidents to allow further informal time off on the same day. President Hutchinson has granted administrative leave so that campus employees will be off for the entire day (with the exception of employees required to work – e.g., University Police and other personnel in essential operations).

  • The employee’s entire scheduled work day will be covered by informal and administrative time off. This is regardless of the number of hours the employee is scheduled to work.
    • Example: If the employee’s normal work day is 8 hours, the employee receives 8 hours informal and administrative paid time off.
    • Example: If the employee’s normal work day is 10 hours, the employee receives 10 hours informal and administrative paid time off.
  • This announcement provides revised absence reporting instructions for state employees for December 24, 2018.
  • Please review HR News features to get the latest information before completing absence reporting for December.

Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) Reporting

Informal time off is not reported in AMSS.

  • Non-exempt employees:
    • Shouldn’t report leave for December 24 in AMSS.
    • Employees required to work on 12/24/2018 due to operational needs (e.g., University Police) - should not report leave for December 24 in AMSS.  Use of informal time off is tracked by the department.
  • Exempt employees, including faculty, should not report leave for December 24 in AMSS.
  • Exceptions to online reporting via AMSS still apply.
    • Hourly/Intermittent Employees – Continue to report time using the paper absence report; see the “Hourly/Intermittent Employees Informal Time Off” section below.
    • If an absence report for the December pay period has already been submitted (e.g., retiring employees), correcting forms will not be necessary. Payroll will make the appropriate adjustments for December 24.

All staff, managers, and 12-month faculty—who are State employees—must submit their December absences online via AMSS by January 3, 2019. Employees will receive a reminder email notice as usual.

Tracking Informal Time Off

Informal time off is not tracked via absence reports, therefore the employee’s department is responsible for determining if the employee has earned and has not used informal time off.  Informal time off must be taken as such; it is not Compensatory Time Off (CTO) and is not compensable in cash.

In keeping with the Governor's policy, those whose duties prevent them from taking the time off on December 24, 2018, or who are on alternate or compressed work schedules such that they are not scheduled to work on that day, may make arrangements with the appropriate administrator to take informal time off on any working day before June 30, 2019

Hourly/Intermittent Employees Informal Time Off

Hourly employees (other than those in class codes 1150, 1151, 1868, 1870, 1871, 7171, 7172 and 7930) should be permitted informal time based on the following table provided that the employee would normally be scheduled to work on or after December 24 and is still on the active payroll.

Hours Worked in
December Pay Period
Hours to Report for Pay
(for December 24)
1-43 hours 2
44-87 hours 4
88 hours or more 8

Questions should be addressed to Dylan Saake in the Human Resources Service Center. Both can be reached at (530) 898-6771.  Updated or revised information will be placed in HR News.