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  • What is MyPay at Chico State?

    MyPay is available to active State employees in salaried positions. Total Compensation includes the total value of direct compensation and the value of your benefits for the fiscal years indicated. Not included in the Total Compensation figure below is the value of your paid leave options – vacation, sick, holiday, bereavement pay, jury duty, etc.

  • Why is compensation information by fiscal year?

    Compensation information has been summarized by fiscal year. This is because negotiated salary increases are typically effective at the beginning of the fiscal year. This information is not intended to be used in place of your W-2.

  • What is included in the “Combined Benefits (Employer Contribution)”?

    The Combined Benefits (Employer Contribution) field is the summary of your employer paid benefits contributions (including health, dental, vision, long term disability and/or life insurance).

  • What is “Total Compensation”?

    Total Compensation includes actual earnings and all employer paid contributions for all State paid salaried positions by fiscal year. Total Compensation is the total value of your gross earnings, employer contributions to CalPERS, employer contributions for your benefits, and the employer portion of taxes that have been paid on your behalf.

  • What is “Annual Pay”?

    Annual Pay is your total gross compensation in all your salaried, State positions by fiscal year.

  • Where can specific employer contribution by benefit type be found?

    Detail for employer contribution by benefit type can be found on your pay warrant and also in paycheck history in employee Self Service.

  • What are "salaried positions"?

    Any CSU, Chico state position--non-exempt and exempt--paid monthly, rather than hourly (i.e., student assistant positions).

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