Common Human Resources System (CHRS)

CHRS Project Summary

The Common Human Resources System (CHRS) project is a California State University project with the goal of transforming the Human Resources business processes and practices and consolidating individual campus database instances into a single, centrally managed system. In addition to providing standard business processes and standardized data across the CSU, the project includes expanded services for Academic Personnel and an HR Data Warehouse.

The CHRS project involves and is dependent upon several related projects that are all being coordinated by the Chancellor's Office. This includes:

  • CHRS Solution Design: Teams have been established with the task of designing a robust Systemwide HR Solution based on the CHRS Solution Design Guiding Principles.
    • Team Members and roles from CSU, Chico Include:
      Rebecca Cagle Operations Lead
      Subject Matter Expert
      Team Lead
      Absence Management/Time and Labor
      Administer Workforce
      Change Management
      Beverly Gentry Communicator Change Management
      Gloria Godinez Subject Matter Expert Benefits Extended Leave
      Yvonne Martini Lead
      Subject Matter Expert
      Team Change Manager
      Administer Workforce
      Change Management
      Doug Wilson Subject Matter Expert Application Security
      Karen VonBargen Subject Matter Expert
      Subject Matter Expert
      Administer Workforce
      Faculty/Temp Faculty
      Tami Toon Subject Matter Expert
      Subject Matter Expert
      Recruiting Solutions
      Faculty/Temp Faculty
      Josh James Subject Matter Expert Labor Cost Distribution
      Darlene Sowers Subject Matter Expert Labor Cost Distribution
    • Solution Design Guiding Principles are:
      • Derive CSU requirements generally from Policies & Labor Contracts
      • Utilize an interactive design process reviewing application functionality and CSU business process needs at the same time
      • Develop common business processes utilizing PS HCM application as delivered to the extent possible
      • Replace HCM Baseline modifications with PS 9.2 functionality to the extent possible
      • Develop modifications to the software only when necessary:
        • Irremovable Baseline modifications will be upgraded to version 9.2
        • If during the analysis, it becomes apparent that delivered 9.2 functionality cannot support a current CSU business process, the business process will be modified wherever possible
        • If the business process cannot be modified, a single, uniform modification to PS HCM will be developed to serve all CHRS users
        • Campus-specific modifications will be supported only when all other options have been exhausted
  • Position Papers: As each module progresses through solution design, position papers are being developed. These are recommendations for actions that can be done in the current PeopleSoft Environment to prepare for CHRS. Position pages are posted for CSU use on the intranet link found below in Additional Resources. More information on position found at the CHRS Position Papers site.
  • Data Standardization: A dependency and in-scope for CHRS is standardization of the application codes and employment information.  Activities are underway to clean-up the current system data based on the HR requirements defined for personal and employment information. Additional information can be found on the CSU, Chico Standardization Project webpage.
  • System Integration (Data Governance/HECH): A mechanism is being implemented to ensure personal information between HR and Campus Solutions (CS) remains in sync after the applications are split when CHRS is delivered.  A committee to address data governance has been formed to assist with the implementation of the tool and address ongoing support.

Additional Resources

All CSU Employees have access to and can login with your campus credentials to view updates regarding the project.  Look at the schedule located on the left navigation bar under Program Planning. Monthly updates are provided on the right navigation bar.

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