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Payroll & Compensation Information

Payroll and Compensation Information will allow you to view your Compensation History. Cal Employee Connect (CEC) should be used to view your paycheck history. More information about CEC can be found here.

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  • View Compensation History

    Compensation History will display changes to compensation (pay) from 7/1/2002 to present. The default display view of this page shows from “1/1/1900” to the current system date.

    Click View Compensation History to navigate to the HR Self Service Compensation History page. If you click the Payroll & Compensation Information header from Portal page you can navigate to this page by selecting the following links from Main Menu > Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Compensation History.

    To view Compensation History for a specific time period, click the “View Another Date Range” button. The Select Date Range page will display. Enter “From Date” and “To Date” and click the continue button. This can be done for any date range from 7/1/2002 to present.

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