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Uniform Payday for Hourly/Intermittent State Employees

The Common Human Resources System (CHRS) creates a single human resources data management system for all of the California State University System (CSU) and also standardizes business processes. One of the position papers from the CHRS project planning process is the standardization of the payday for hourly/intermittent state employees across the CSU. The uniform payday of the 15 th of the month was selected as part of the CHRS planning process to align with 75% of the campus’ current practice. Chico is one of six campuses in the CSU system who must make a change prior to CHRS implementation.

This means that the payments for work completed in July 2019 will be available on August 15 th rather than August 10 th for all hourly/intermittent state employees, including all hourly student state employees.

Current Payday: 10 th of the month
New Payday Effective July 2019 Pay Period: 15 th of the month

Communication Plan

Communication will include:

  • FAQs
  • Presentations at AAS/SME and HR Liaison’s User Groups.
  • Direct email communication with impacted employees.
  • Resources for departments to directly reach out to impacted employees.
  • Notice attached to paychecks and warrants.
  • Union notification.


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