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Identity and Access Management (IAM)- HR Process Changes for Implementation


The Identity and Access Management (IAM) Initiative is led by Enterprise Applications and Data Services. HRIS has been heavily involved in the project because the source of data being utilized for the automated provisioning of accounts and access is data in PeopleSoft. Human Resources data is critical for the affiliations associated with employees and person of interests. Several process changes are underway to prepare for the initiative go-live beginning in July 2016.

More information about the IAM Initiative can be found on Enterprise Applications webpage.

Project Elements

HRIS has been working with Enterprise Applications to work through the details needed to ensure that the data in PeopleSoft is in place in the correct way and at the correct time so that the IAM Initiative will be successful. There are two major elements to this project; the coding of affiliations within the Employee and Non-Member Life Cycles, and the existence of and timing of data in PeopleSoft. Several process changes were needed as a result of user stories and the subsequent coding to logically identify affiliations that will be used in IAM. These changes require development of process guides for new processes and revisions to existing processes in Employment Services, Payroll, at the college level and at the department level. The two primary project elements are listed here with their corresponding sub-elements:

  • Intake and entry of Bio/Demo Data in PeopleSoft in time for account creation/reclaiming
    • IAM/Personal email address - NEW type
      • Collected/entered in PeopleSoft at the time of hire for employees and non-members
      • Updatable by employees in Employee Self Service
    • Future Hire Affiliation – NEW business process & automated process
    • Level of Assurance – NEW business process & automated process
  • User Story development and coding for the following affiliations:
    • Employee
      • Future Hire Faculty
      • Future Hire Staff
      • Faculty Employee
      • Staff Employee
      • Student Employee
      • Faculty Emeritus
      • Employee Retired with Services
      • Employee Recent
      • Employee Former
    • Non-Member
      • Volunteer
      • Volunteer Faculty
      • Consultant
      • AS Employee
      • Foundation Employee
      • RCE Employee
      • Auxiliary Retired with Services
      • Auxiliary Recent
      • Auxiliary Former

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