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Performance Evaluation Data Transition and Reporting


The project goal is to provide access to appropriate managers to view performance evaluation dates for the employees they supervise. This project has multiple phases to accomplish this end goal.

  • Phase 1 – Data Transition & Ensuring Data Integrity
  • Phase 2 – Internal Reports Development
  • Phase 3 – Manager/Lead Access to Evaluation Data via Cognos


Since 2004, employee performance evaluation data was tracked in a stand-alone Access database until it could be converted to PeopleSoft. Access is not robust, has had functionality issues once moved to Box, has limited PeopleSoft data pushed into the database only once a month, and other department data must be manually updated. Data entry requires review of Staff Action Forms and PeopleSoft data. Reporting requires review of multiple campus systems and manual updates to an organization tree that only includes two layers of Dept IDs (division and college/unit) before reports can be run. Even so, reports must be manually updated before distribution and the process constantly delayed reporting.

After many reviews over several years, it was determined that the data was too complex to import directly into PeopleSoft-HR. The fastest resolution was to manually enter current data into PeopleSoft and move forward from a point in time.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 – Data Transition & Ensuring Data Integrity

December 2018 – March 2019

  • Test data entry in PeopleSoft-HR development instance

April – October 2019

  • Dual data entry of current data in Access and PeopleSoft-HR Production (PS-HR)
  • Dual data entry was completed on 10/18/2019 and 1035 records were entered in PS-HR. Began data entry in PS-HR only, as of 10/21/2019.
  • Performance evaluation data prior to 10/1/2019 will be archived in Access. After 10/1/2019, PS-HR will be the system-of-record for evaluation data.
  • After data is entered in PS-HR Production - develop report specs, create data tables in ADS, build reports.

October - January 2020

  • Raw data extract is used to monitor data and ensure data integrity.

Phase 2 – Internal Reports Development

November 2019 - February 2020

  • Internal reports development is a partnership between PDEV, HRIS, and BITS. Final steps in new report creation (and updates to existing reports in the RDS) require ADS prioritization.
  • Internal reports will be used by Professional Development to monitor data integrity on an ongoing basis via Insight.
    • Report: Perf Eval Tracking - Hires and Changes
      • Status: In production as of 1/13/2020
    • Report: Data Audit (of data entry rows)
      • Status: In staging
  • Human Resources and HR Partners access to performance evaluation reports via Insight.
    • Report: Performance Evaluation Snapshot Report
      • Status: In production as of 2/6/2020
      • Can be run by division
  • Next steps:
    • Review data entry steps and results in reports.
    • Human Resources to work with HR Partners to develop report specs for future reports.
      • Steps include: develop report specs, test in staging, build Insight folders, assign users to new access groups, move finalized reports from staging to production. 

Phase 3 – Manager/Lead Access to Evaluation Data via Cognos


ETA to be provided in collaboration with Data Services (IT) and BITS

  • Cognos security setup needs to be developed and tested by Data Services
  • Cognos manager dashboard setup that leverages the PeopleSoft-HR “reports-to” data and “reports-to” roll-up
  • Communication and support to end users
  • Offer training to “reports to” employees (managers/leads)

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