Human Resources Service Center

Single Sign-on for Human Resources (HR) Administrative PeopleSoft Accounts

PeopleSoft HR Single Sign-on Summary

Chico has traditionally used a process for provisioning administrative access to PeopleSoft by creating a secondary administrative account. This means that employees with administrative access have two accounts; one account that is utilized for self-service functions such as student center, faculty center, or absence management, and one account that is used for all administrative functions. This project moves all administrative access in PeopleSoft to the existing self-service account that utilized single sign-on.

The Information Security Office is moving the campus towards duo authentication for systems that have secure data. This can only happen if the campus authentication protocols are utilized rather that PeopleSoft login protocols. In addition, this change eliminates the need for a second account with a different password.

HR Security plans to coordinate with SA Security and work closely with each PeopleSoft Administrative user during the transition.

This project may also be known as “Going Numeric”. The single sign-on (self-service) account is associated with the Chico State ID which is a numeric translation of a person. Administrative access would be moved from a separate “Alpha” account to the “Numeric” account.

HR Project Implementation Timeline

Testing – January 2018 through March 2018

Account Transition – April 2018 through June 2018

Remove old accounts – June 2018 through August 2018

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