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The Student Employment process is expanding to create a complete, efficient and sustainable end-to-end business process that meets all legal requirements. To do so, departments must use Student Employment’s JobCat system, Student Employment’s application, identify Live Scan requirements, create position descriptions and ensure compliance training is completed. Workshops and then ongoing training will be offered to share how these changes will be implemented.


These training's provide the answers to why and how these changes will be implemented – and give you a chance to ask questions and give feedback about the process.

Student Employee Hire Process Training

We have documented the New Student Employee Hiring Process Steps, as part of the Student Employment Process Flow Improvement Project. Parts of the process are changing in a multi-phased approach, with Phase 1 beginning August 2014. Online information and training are available to provide detailed information and answer questions you may have about the process.

Note: It is important that ALL Student Attendance Clerks complete this training.

Individualized training's will be available in Spring 2015. More information will be forthcoming.

For more information, e-mail or contact Human Resources Service Center - Professional Development(opens in new window), at 530-898-6771.

JobCat 101 Training

JobCat is the system in which all (State) student employee positions are to be posted. Do you know how to use it? Join us to find out how the JobCat system works, what it can do for you, as well as tips and tricks to make managing your JobCat account easier.

  • Manage your JobCat account
  • Post student positions
  • Close student positions
  • Create placements once you have hired your students

For more information, please Career Center.