Pension System Resumption (PSR) Implementation

Post-Project Update – December 2011

The PSR interface between the CSU system and CalPERS is working smoothly and allows for efficient transmission of enrollments and changes to CalPERS. There are issues related to the interface between CalPERS and the State Controller’s Office systems. These issues do impact employees throughout the CSU and are being addressed as quickly as possible. CSU, Chico is fortunate to have had little impact to employees and has been able to work through to resolve issues quickly. The Benefits and HRIS areas continue to participate in systemwide calls to stay current on issues being encountered and recommended solutions. Employees who notice any problems are encouraged to contact the Benefits office who will work on your behalf to resolve any issues. We hope that our next update will report the resolution of these issues.

About PSR

The CalPERS Pension System Resumption (PSR) system will replace over 49 systems currently in use by CalPERS including the Automated Communications Exchange System (ACES). This provides a more streamlined environment for managing member enrollments, benefits and contributions with CalPERS.

From an employer perspective, PSR will continue to allow CSU, Chico and other campuses to update, enroll and report Health Plan enrollments via an electronic interface. In the future, PSR also will be able to accept CSU COBRA and retiree Dental enrollments via the interface.

From an employee’s and/or retiree’s perspective, implementation of PSR will result in a more robust experience for CalPERS members when accessing the online “my/CalPERS system.”


Pension System Resumption Timeline

Mandatory Collection of Social Security Numbers of Dependents

With the passage of the Health Care Reform Act in March 2010, CalPERS is required to report the Social Security numbers of all subscribers and their dependents. As a result, the Chancellor’s Office is requiring the campus to obtain the Social Security numbers for all health benefit enrolled dependents of state employees.  Dependents include the spouse or domestic partner and/or children born between 1985 to present.

While the requirement for this data is not part of the PSR project, the timeline for collection coincides with the data clean-up deadline of August 31, 2011.


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