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Student Employment Process Flow Improvement Project

Updated 4/18/2016


Student employees hired into Student Assistant positions represent one of the largest employee groups on campus and include between 1,300 and 1,800 employees. The process for hiring, appointing, making changes to the appointment, and ending the appointment is detailed and includes many steps and multiple handoffs between responsible parties. The current process utilizes paper passed between multiple groups across campus and relies on manual data entry, validation and auditing to ensure rules are enforced.

Project Goal

The end goal is to develop and implement a paperless, electronic workflow process that leverages existing PeopleSoft data, utilizes business logic to enforce requirements, and assists hiring departments in managing their student employee records.

Project Status

The project will be completed in multiple phases.

The needs analysis includes a comprehensive review of the student employment process from beginning to end. Each step and requirement has been documented and included on a process map. Throughout the project this process flow will be analyzed and adjusted as needed to optimize process flow and ensure all requirements are met.

Implementation began July 1, 2014 to include initial preparation steps needed to transform the process and to ensure policy requirements are met. Activities included in this initial phase are:

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