Human Resources Service Center

PeopleSoft HR Security Authorization

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is the office that, among other things, maintains security access to the Human Resources module in PeopleSoft.  The PeopleSoft HR Security Authorization form is used to request access to the HR module in PeopleSoft. It can also be used to request a change, deletion or suspension of user access.

Submit a request(opens in new window) for PeopleSoft HR access using the TeamDynamix Ticketing system; HRIS will facilitate completion of the PeopleSoft HR Security Authorization form.   Once complete, please print and sign the form and then have it signed by your supervisor and appropriate MPP-Level Administrator. Send the original completed form to HR Security, Zip 010. Retain a copy for your file. For more information, please contact

Training may be required prior to the processing of this form. Additionally, some access requires a written business justification. If training or a business justification is required, HR Security will be in contact.

Detailed information below on completing the PeopleSoft HR Security Authorization (PDF) form.

Requester's Information - Person receiving the HR Security access to PeopleSoft

Please fill out all fields of the REQUESTER'S INFORMATION on the PeopleSoft HR Security Authorization form.  All information is necessary for granting access.

Access Status

Please check the appropriate box under ACCESS STATUS for the action to be taken with this form and the effective date of the action:

  • New – New access being requested – the requester does not have access to the PeopleSoft HR Module.
  • Change – Requester has access, but needs to change roles or department access.  Each form supersedes any previous forms, so all permissions required need to be marked on the form.
  • Delete Access – Check this option when an employee no longer needs the HR Security Access.
  • Suspend Access – If an employee will be off campus for a length of time, their access needs to be suspended.  Examples would be Leave without Pay, Suspension, etc.  Fill out the from and to dates for the suspension and include all permissions required upon return.

HR Access Type Requested

The LEVEL OF DETAIL REQUESTED section allows you to select the access and roles required for the requester to perform their job.

Standard Access

This sub-section lists the basic access level being requested; you only need to select one of these – what type of information will the requester need to see?

  1. CSU ID Search Only - Will the requester only need to look up general campus relationship information for staff, faculty and students?  If so the requester may only need CSU ID Search access.  This allows the requester to view CSU ID Search and Person Organizational Summary.
  2. Student Information View - Will the requester only be working with student employees?  Looking up information regarding a student’s job information?  If so, the requester will need to have Student Information View – this includes the CSU ID Search Only ability as well as accessing Student Job Data.
    1. Will the requester also be performing Student payroll functions – establishing student jobs, paying students, etc?  Is the requester a student or staff employee?
      1. If requester is a student or staff and will only be entering student time they will need to add T&L Timekeeper role.
      2. If the requester is staff and will be performing all student employment functions, then they will add the Student Payroll Attendance Clerk role.
  3. Department Job/Position Information - Will the requester need to be viewing all job data for Staff, Faculty and Student employees? This level of access includes CSU ID Search, Person Organizational Summary, “Staff, Faculty and Student” Job Data, Position Data and various position and job views.
    1. If the requester will be performing Master Payroll Attendance Clerk duties, the requester will need to add the Master Payroll Attendance Clerk role.
  4. Staff Positions - Is the requester a part of a special staff group (listed below)?  All necessary access is included in these roles and initially this may be all the requester needs. (* denotes confidential data included)
    • President's Office Staff*
    • Foundation Staff
    • Office of Academic Personnel Staff*
    • HRSC Staff*
    • University Police Dispatcher*
    • RCE Staff*
    • University Advancement Staff*

Special HR Access

This ROLL ACCESS sub-section lists additional HR security roles for performing additional HR functions.

  1. Student Timekeeper Only– Able to enter time only for student employees in selected departments.
  2. Student Payroll Attendance Clerk– Able to enter, approve and process time for student employees in selected departments.  Be sure to mark whether this person will be the primary or alternate contact in their area.  This replaces the need for the Signature Authorization form.
  3. Master Payroll Attendance Clerk – Will the requester be performing the monthly Attendance Certification process?  If so, they will need to add this role. Be sure to mark whether this person will be the primary or alternate contact in their area.  This replaces the need for the Signature Authorization form.
  4. Absence Activity Report – Runs the Absence Activity Report.
  5. Absence Management (AM): Timekeeper – The AMSS timekeeper has the ability to enter and adjust time for employees in department for Absence Management Self Service (AMSS).
  6. Academic Update – Contract – Ability to update academic appointment info.  Unit R03 & R11.
  7. Academic Update - Person – Ability to add an academic person.  Used with Academic Update.
  8. Reports-To Maintainer – Ability to maintain Reports-To field and related data and view schedules for employees.

If you have other needs for access in your area, please contact

Departments Requested

On page 2 of CMS-HR Security Authorization form under DEPARTMENTS REQUESTED, you select the Departments the requester will have access to for the specific roles requested.

Department Specific Roles

  1. Departments Requested – List here all departments that the requester will need to view in general.  Security is granted based on Security Department Tree (see below), if access is requested to a department that is superior to others, the requester will receive access to all subsequent departments.
  2. Time and Labor (T&L) Departments Requested – Please list all departments that the requester will be performing Student Payroll Attendance Clerk Duties.
  3. Master Payroll Attendance Clerk Departments Requested – We recognize that the requester may not be performing Master Payroll Attendance Clerk Duties for every department that they have access to – please list specific Departments for which Master Payroll Attendance Clerk Duties will be performed.  If these will be the same just check the box provided.

Security Department Tree

When selecting Department access refer to Department Tree report which can be accessed from Reports for Administrative Support site under College AAS Reports section (scroll to bottom of page to see this section).  If you do not have access contact

Snap shot of small section of HR Security Department tree

D02000 has sub accounts:

  • D02001
  • D15802
  • D15803

If you request access to D02000 you will also get access to all the sub accounts.

D02100 has sub accounts

  • D01100 with sub account
    • D01101
  • D02102
  • D02900
  • D02902

If you request access to D02100 you will get access to all sub accounts including D01101.  If you request access to D01100 then you would get access to D01100 and sub account D01101

If you requested access to D02900 then you would only get access to that account as it does not have any sub accounts under it.

You cannot request access to ONLY D02100 & D02900 – the person will get everything under D02100.

Certifications and Signatures

The Certification and signature section is used to ensure that you understand what you are requesting and your supervisor agrees that you need this access.


Up to four signatures are required for each access request, the requester, their supervisor, the MPP for the departments and the HR Data Owner (HRIS will obtain this final signature).  If the supervisor is the MPP for the department, they do not need to sign twice.

CMS-HR Security Authorization forms are good for two months to allow for training to be received by the requester.  If the requester is not able to attend training within two months, a new form will have to be completed.