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Absence Management Self Service (AMSS)


The Latest AMSS News

As of July 30, 2012, all staff, managers, and 12-month faculty (State employee only) began reporting absences using the new Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) system. 

  • Payroll deadlines have been posted in the campus events calendar; look for "AMSS ... Due" dates
  • Remember to use AMSS to report "No Leave Taken" when applicable
  • Online entry will replace the paper absence sheet - with some exceptions

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About AMSS

Absence Management Self Service is a CSU system wide project that replaces the existing paper process for reporting absences with an electronic process via CMS PeopleSoft. All CSU campuses will be implementing AMSS functionality within PeopleSoft before the end of 2012. CSU, Chico went live with AMSS July 2012.

  • Employees will have the ability to enter absences through HR Self Service on the Portal.
  • Departments will have more current and easier accessible absence information for their employees through PeopleSoft.
  • Managers and Leads will be able to review and approve absences electronically.

Beneficial elements to this project:

  • Significant reduction in paper use.
  • Promotes use of HR Self Service so employees are aware of the information available to them.
  • Establishes the mechanism for future work flow processes through use of “Reports to” functionality and work emails within PeopleSoft.

As part of this project, additional functionality that was part of the core Absence Management module is now fully utilized. This includes:

  • Managing schedules for all employees not working the standard Monday through Friday, 8-hour day schedule and the standard Monday through Thursday, 10-hour day summer schedule.
  • Splitting and maintaining absence balances for each absence eligible position.

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