Human Resources Service Center

Name Changes

Virtual Process for Name Changes

Human Resources manages any legal name changes that state employees wish to make. Employees must have a new Social Security card that includes the name change.

To request a change to your legal name, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Employee Action Request (PDF) EAR
    1. Save the pdf to your files
    2. Close browser window
    3. Open pdf document from your saved file
    4. Complete EAR (sections C, D, & I)
      1. Electronic/digital signature required
    5. Save pdf
  2. Get Started Using MOVEit, a secure method to submit to payroll
    1. Automatically register for MOVEit by visiting CSU MOVEit Transfer(opens in new window).
    2. Select the link in 'Getting Started' to authenticate with your campus user name.
    3. Select " Send Package".
    4. Fill in in the “To” email address and attache pdf file and copy of Social Security card with new legal name.
    5. Click the red " Send" box to submit it to payroll.

Upon receipt via MOVEit your legal name will be updated within 3-5 business days.