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Direct Deposit and Paychecks

Payroll is responsible for requesting and auditing all state paychecks for faculty, staff and students in accordance with State and CSU policies and procedures. Cal Employee Connect (CEC) should be your first point of reference in regards to your payments. Please review the My Payroll Technician webpage to determine who to contact with questions.

Direct Deposit for State Employees

Direct Deposit enrollment is a secure and consistent way to deposit your earnings in spite of absences, vacation or unexpected illness. It is a faster, more efficient and more convenient way to receive your earnings. All state employees are eligible to enroll.

You can enroll in or change your Direct Deposit information using HR Self-Service.

View/Update Direct Deposit Information(opens in new window)

Add or Edit your Direct Deposit Information

  • Click ADD ACCOUNT to enter new/enroll in Direct Deposit.
  • Click EDIT to update your existing Direct Deposit information.
    • If you are changing banks, click EDIT

Direct Deposit image showing Add Account, Edit and Delete buttons

Once you are on the Direct Deposit authorization page there is a link to View Direct Deposit Instructions(opens in new window) and View check example.

Change Direct Deposit view with highlight of View Direct Deposit Instructions, View check example links, Confirm Agreement checkbox and Enter legal name textbox. checkbox and enter legal name

Add or edit the information as necessary, read and confirm your agreement and enter your Legal Name in the field provided. Click Save.

If you receive an error message stating that the Bank Routing Number is not in our list, please review your bank document to ensure you have entered the Bank Routing Number correctly. To request a Bank Routing Number be added, please use the Direct Deposit Routing Number Request email template(opens in new window) to notify Payroll. Once you have been notified that the Bank Routing Number has been added, you can complete your Direct Deposit entry in HR Self-Service.

Message that states: Check Digit cause Bank Routing Transit Number to be incorrect (2000,638) The routing number entered is incorrect, incomplete or is a new financial institution to our system and this transaction cannot be completed. Click OK, review the routing number, and try entering it once more.  If you get this error message again you will need to follow the instructions (linked at the top of this page) to submit the form to payroll for administrative entry.

Complete the table in the email with the appropriate information. If you are unable to utilize the email template, copy and paste the language below into an email and send to with a subject line of “Please Add Bank Routing Number”.

My Bank Routing Number does not appear to be in the CSU Chico bank file. I received an error message when trying to add or modify my Direct Deposit information via Self-Service.

Can you please add:

Routing number Information
Bank Routing # (must be 9-digits):
Bank Name:
Bank Street Address:
Bank City, State & Zip;

I understand that when I receive a reply that the Bank Routing Number has been added I can then go back to Self-Service to add or update my Direct Deposit information.

Be aware, it may take up to 45 business days to activate. We recommend you check with your financial institution to determine when your funds will be available. Your Direct Deposit Advice (DDA) is available for you on payday in Cal Employee Connect. Contact your Payroll Technician if you have any questions .

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