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Virtual Process for Direct Deposit for State Employees

Direct Deposit enrollment is a secure and consistent way to deposit your earnings in spite of absences, vacation or unexpected illness. It is a faster, more efficient and more convenient way to receive your earnings. All state employees are eligible to enroll.

Email should NOT be used to send Direct Deposit information to the Payroll office.  By using DUO (two-step authentication), you can securely get this information to the Payroll office using CSU MoveIT.

To enroll in Direct Deposit, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF).
    1. Save the pdf to your files
    2. Close browser window
    3. Open pdf document from your saved file
    4. Complete Direct Deposit Authorization
      1. Electronic/digital signature required
    5. Save pdf
  2. Getting Started Using MOVEit
    1. Automatically register for MOVEit by visiting CSU MOVEit Transfer(opens in new window)
    2. Select the link in 'Getting Started' to authenticate with your campus user name.
    3. Select " Send Package"
    4. Fill in in the “To” email address, subject and notes sections and attach file.
    5. Click the red "Send" box.

Be aware, it may take up to 45 business days to activate. We recommend you check with your financial institution to determine when your funds will be available. Your Direct Deposit Advice (DDA) is available for you on pay day in Cal Employee Connect(opens in new window). More information about the Direct Deposit program(opens in new window) and Cal Employee Connect is available online. Contact your Payroll Technician if you have any questions about enrollment.

Payroll is responsible for requesting and auditing all state paychecks for faculty, staff and students in accordance with State and CSU policies and procedures. Payroll also maintains leave balances. Payroll technicians are responsible for specific units on campus. Please review the My Payroll Technician section to determine who to contact with questions. Below are links to various documents and tools to help you with your payroll related needs.

Direct Deposit

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