Human Resources Service Center

Tax Withholding Changes

Virtual Process for Tax Withholding Changes

Human Resources manages any tax withholding changes that state employees wish to make. Employees may wish to use the Net Pay Calculator to help determine how a change could effect their monthly net income.

To view your current tax withholding status, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Portal
    1. Click on My Portal tab.
    2. Click on ‘View Paycheck History’ in the Payroll & Compensation Information section.
    3. Click on ‘View Paycheck’ for most recent payment.
    4. View Federal & State withholding status in Tax Data section.
    5. To change withholding status, follow steps below.

To request a change to your tax withholding status, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Employee Action Request (PDF) EAR
    1. Save the pdf to your files
    2. Close browser window
    3. Open pdf document from your saved file
    4. Complete EAR (sections C, E, & I)
      1. Electronic/digital signature required
    5. Payroll provides additional information to help you complete the (EAR)
    6. Save pdf
  2. Get Started Using MOVEit, a secure method to submit to payroll
    1. Automatically register for MOVEit by visiting CSU MOVEit Transfer(opens in new window).
    2. Select the link in 'Getting Started' to authenticate with your campus user name.
    3. Select " Send Package".
    4. Fill in in the “To” email address, subject and notes sections and attach file.
    5. Click the red " Send" box to submit it to payroll.

Upon receipt via MOVEit your tax withholding status will be updated within 3-5 business days. Depending on timing, the change will take effect in the next 1-2 paychecks.