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Application Deadline & Requirements

Fee Waiver Application Periods are separate from university admission application deadlines. If the student is going to be a new "matriculated" student (for the Career Development Option or the Dependent Option), it is important to apply for university admission during the application priority filing periods(opens in new window).

A Fee Waiver Application must be submitted each term. In addition, each fee waiver option has unique requirements that may require additional application submissions each term.

First time applicants under the Fee Waiver Program may be able to get a CSU Application Fee refund. Only one application fee will be reimbursed regardless of the number of applications submitted via Cal State Apply. Follow steps outlined under the One-Time CSU Application Fee Refund Process.

Fee Waiver Deadlines

Important: Please pre-pay estimated reduced fees before the fee payment deadline.

Fee Waiver Application Deadlines(opens in new window) are the first Friday as noted below:

  • Winter* = Sept 1 - Nov 1
  • Spring = Sept 1 - Nov 1
  • Summer* = Mar 1 - May 1
  • Fall = Mar 1 - May 1

*Most or all courses during this term at CSU, Chico or other CSU campuses may not be state-funded and therefore not covered by the fee waiver program.


  • Submit a new fee waiver form for each enrollment term.
  • Ensure that all forms are filled in completely and have all the appropriate signatures.
    • Unfortunately, incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned to the employee.
  • Ensure that your supervisor signs the Use of the State Time Approval section even if you do not use State time to attend classes.
  • In order to continue in the Fee Waiver Program, you or your dependent needs to maintain good standing academically, which means a:
    • C average or better for undergraduate students
    • B average or better for graduate students
  • Grades are audited each semester. Unfortunately, if you allow your grades to fall below good academic standing, you will be dropped from the program.

One-Time CSU Application Fee Refund Process

Proof of payment for the CSU application fee must be provided before a refund can occur.

Employees are responsible for providing proof of payment to the Fee Waiver coordinator (or designee) at the student’s home campus by University Census(opens in new window) - typically mid-September for fall and mid-February for spring. Employees can ask students using the employee fee waiver to login to their Cal State account and print/scan their payment history to show that the campus application fee was paid.

To obtain a proof of payment, a student can print a receipt of the application fee* using the following steps:

  • Go to 
  • Select the term that you applied under "Select a Term to Apply For" and then click "Apply"
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click under your name on the right hand corner
  • Click on “My Profile”
  • Click on “Payment History” on the left hand tabs
  • Click on “View Order Details”
  • Proof of payment must show Chico under Program Name and include payment method/details
  • Right click to print that page
  • Scan and email to or drop off at KNDL 222. Please be sure to include the Chico State Student ID# on the receipt.

Questions regarding the admissions process can be directed to Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate AdmissionsOnly one application fee will be reimbursed regardless of the number of applications submitted via Cal State Apply.

*The application fee was raised to $70 beginning October 1, 2019.