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CSU Programs Covered by the Employee Fee Waiver

The CSU has a useful site to help you find degree programs available across all CSU campuses. In addition to identifying degree programs, this site will list if the "format" is Online or In-Person (F2F = in person) and the "source" (Campus or Extension).  To determine if a degree program is eligible for the employee fee waiver program, the "source" must be Campus.  Here are steps to view and determine if the program you are interested in is eligible for employee fee waiver.

  1. Log into Search Degrees at the CSU(opens in new window) webpage.
  2. In "Area of Study," enter the degree program or a keyword for a program you may be interested in. A drop down list will filter available programs to narrow your search. You can (optionally) select from this dropdown then select Search.  This example shows a screen shot of what is shown with the text "Business" entered as a keyword.
    Business typed in text box of area of study
  3. Select Search and you will see a listing of all degree programs. On the left side, you can further filter your view by selecting Degree Type, Format and Campus. Master's is selected in this example.
    Filtered selection view with Master's checked under Degree Type
  4. To determine if a program is eligible for the employee Fee Waiver program, look under "Source" for Campus. If Extension is listed, it is not covered by the employee fee waiver program.
    List of Business Administration Majors
If you have questions regarding this search feature or eligibility of CSU Degree programs, contact