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CSU Doctoral Programs

If you are interested in a CSU campus doctoral program, it is important to contact the fee waiver coordinator at that campus to ensure you understand the implied costs associated with the program.  Key questions to ask include:

  • Given my collective bargaining unit, what costs should I anticipate to pay out-of-pocket that are not covered by the fee waiver program?
  • Are all the courses state-funded?
  • When and how much will I be taxed, in addition to paying out-of-pocket costs?
  • Who are the contacts for financial information and fee waiver information at the campus you are attending?

Employees interested in applying for a CSU Doctoral Program are encouraged to meet with your campus fee waiver coordinator prior to the application process.

Eligible employees, spouse, registered domestic partner, or dependents that enroll in a CSU Doctoral Program are required to take specified coursework (e.g., one, two or three courses) per term. The Doctorate Tuition Fee is a flat fee; there is no part-time rate. As this program has evolved, the waiver of the full Doctorate Tuition Fee for most employee groups has been replaced by the equivalent of the part-time Graduate Tuition Fee for eligible employees or dependents enrolled in the Doctoral program, and the enrollee is responsible for paying the difference between the Doctorate Tuition (or related) Fee and the part-time Graduate Tuition Fee.

You can search for CSU Doctoral Programs(opens in new window) online.