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Only State-Funded Classes are Eligible

The Chico State Employee Fee Waiver (Tuition Reduction) Program allows eligible staff employees to attend California State University (CSU) state-funded courses at reduced rates. Courses are taken for credit and must be state-funded (so the program does not apply to Open University, Special Session, January Intercession, RCE, ESP, or most Summer courses).

Identify State-Funded Courses

All courses offered at Chico State are now in one common public-facing Class Schedule. This means that if you search for classes, you may find a combination of “state-support” classes and courses offered by other self-support organizations on campus.

Note: Most summer classes at Chico State are not state-support classes.

Identifying and Filtering for State Support Classes

State support vs non state support sessions
State-Funded "Session"
(Eligible for Employee Fee Waiver)
Self-Support "Session"
(Are NOT Eligible for Employee Fee Waiver)
  • Regular State Support
  • Other Session 1
  • Other Session 2
  • ESP...
  • RCE...
Section number is 2-digitsSection number is 3-digits

Filter for State Support Classes

  1. Select Class Schedule from the top banner of the Chico State website.
  2. Select View the Class Schedule(opens in new window).
    Header banner of University Class schedule
  3. Select the appropriate Term:
    Spring 2021 Term selected in this example
  4. Select "More filters"
    More filter button example
  5. Find the Session filter.
  6. Select "Regular State Support" (all terms) or "Other Session 1" (summer term only) or "Other Session 2" (summer term only) to view state-funded classes.  
    Note: you may search ONE session at a time:
    Example shows Others Session 1, Session 2 and Regular State Support highlighted
  7. Select "Search".
    Additionally, once you select a specific course, you can view the "Session" status to determine if it is state funded: "Regular State Support" or "Other Session 1" or "Other Session 2"
    Highlight of course information with Session outlined