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Academic Support Workshop Series

Workshops Offered

  • Astra Schedule for Academics
  • Faculty Workload Process
  • Academic Scheduling 101
  • Scheduling Specialty Sessions
  • APSS: CRA + Insight
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Series Details

On Tuesdays from 10 AM to 12 PM (see dates below) in Student Service Center 410, a series of workshops will be provided for an overview of campus processes and operations that are essential for new (and existing) academic support staff.  While each individual course may be designed for specific or multiple audiences, all workshops listed below are appropriate for staff to attend.

This series provides an overview of “must do” academic department processes sequenced by task.  Each workshop provides an overview of processes needed to support an academic department.  Information on each workshop is listed below.

Audience:  Campus employees interested in, or responsible for, academic department processes. Targeted toward new staff, chairs, as well as anyone interested in understanding the process or wanting a refresher on the topic.

Instructor:  Jennifer Aceves, Academic Scheduling and APDB Specialist

Sponsor: Academic Publications & Scheduling Services (APSS)

Astra Schedule for Academics - 8/20/19, 9/25/19 (New-Wed.),  &  5/5/2020

Astra Schedule (“Astra”) is the software application used campus-wide to view, manage, and book nearly all rooms and outdoor spaces on campus.

In this workshop you will learn how to search for available rooms, view room usage, request a room, book internal events and use Astra to help with class relocations. Discover Astra tips and tricks for making your job easier. Time for Q&A is built into this lab session.

Faculty Workload Process - 9/10/19  &  2/4/2020

A to Z information on the process of reconciling contracts to faculty assignments, and providing the Chancellor's Office with our campus facility usage information. This workshop reviews how to generate and interpret the workload report and covers required documentation and timelines. We will share how to set up split appointments, how to establish chair appointments, and how to enter Assigned Weighted Teaching Units (AWTU).  Time for Q&A is built into this lab session.

Academic Scheduling 101 - 10/8/19  &  3/3/2020

A general overview of the class scheduling process, review of the timeline for building a new term of classes, and the basics of scheduling a section.  This comprehensive look at the Academic Schedule building process shares important timelines and a summary of the applications used to generate the Class Schedule, as well as the basics you need to know about scheduling classes each semester. We will share best practices for managing the process and help for finding critical information. Time for Q&A is built into this lab session.

Scheduling Specialty Sections - 11/5/19  &  4/14/2020

Dive deeper into the details of scheduling classes!  A follow up to Academic Scheduling 101, this workshop provides a closer look at some of the most common “specialty” scenarios in scheduling: multi-component classes, combining classes, variable unit classes, and so much more! Bring your questions and get expert answers during this hands-on lab. Time for Q&A is built into this session.

APSS: CRA + Insight - 12/3/19  &  3/24/2020 

APSS asks departments to “help themselves” by running CRA jobs and Insight reports.  But, how do you navigate these campus data warehouses? This workshop is designed to help you navigate our reporting tools and utilize the reports to support your academic unit. How is access granted? Where do you look for your reports, and what report parameters do you really want? We will review the most common tools referenced in APSS communications, and their benefit to your department.  Time for Q&A is built into this lab session.

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