Human Resources Service Center

Administrative Support Series


These workshops cover basic operations and process training for new and existing staff—especially new campus administrative support staff. The content is prepared and taught by experienced staff from various divisions and departments. The workshops are facilitated by the Human Resources Service Center and University Staff Development Committee. Course offerings vary throughout the year.

Who Should go?

Campus employees interested in, or responsible for, academic and administrative department processes. These workshops are designed for new staff (ASA’s, ASC’s, AA/S’s, etc.), as well as any employee interested in an overview of a process or wanting a refresher on the topic.

Workshops Offered

  • Avoiding Bias in Hiring
  • Budget 101 Training Workshop
  • Budget 201: How to Monitor your Budget
  • Budget 201: Year End
  • Budget 201: Lab
  • Financial Services Walk-In Lab
  • LIfe Cycle of a Purchase Order
  • Booking Travel Soon? Use Concur
  • Purchasing Office Supplies?
  • Tracking Department Property
  • IT Procurement Review Process

Where do you find the workshops?

Login to the Trainings System view and enroll in upcoming workshops. (Course titles are tentative and may change without notice.)

Other Resources for New Employees

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