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CSU Principles of Supervision Certificate Program


This CSU-designed, “Principles of Supervision” training program covers basic supervision skills to include performance management, developing direct reports, guiding and organizing the work, managing relationships, and managing yourself.

Come learn perspectives and styles of management, as well as:

  • Coaching and communicating with direct reports
  • How to guide work
  • Corrective action
  • Performance evaluation input
  • What good supervisors do (and don’t do)
  • Learn more about yourself and your management style

This course is delivered in a 7-day, 7 module format and requires approximately 20 hours (total) to complete both the pre-work and in-class modules.

Register: Submit your interest to CSU's Learning & Development team. The interest form will list upcoming classes. Registration opens 8 weeks prior to the course and typically fills in the first few hours, so please put a reminder on your calendar to register.

Cost: $350, chartfield string must be submitted during registration

Instructor: Andrea King, BCBA, APTD, Senior Manager of Talent Development, CSU Chancellor's Office Learning and Development

Audience: For leads, new managers and chairs. Due to the time commitment, Leads must have manager approval. Limited seating due to interactive activities. 

Monthly course listing

CSU Principles of Supervision (Online Only) - Facilitated by Systemwide Learning & Development

Systemwide Learning & Development is proud to announce online offerings of Principles of Supervision. Cost per person is $350.

Please carefully review the content below prior to registration to ensure your ability honor all program commitments. Registration is limited and will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Please reach out to the course facilitator, Andrea King, with any questions you may have!

Participation Commitments


Your commitment to attend all seven live, online classes. We understand that sometimes plans change unexpectedly, and you may need to miss a class. If that happens, please know that it’s your responsibility to catch up on content before the next class. 


Complete all assigned pre-learning modules prior to the class session and be prepared to access your Learner’s Guide during class time. Failure to complete the pre-learning modules will result in incompletion of the course.


Class will start on time. Please log-in as early as needed to ensure audio and video connection are properly working the day of your training.


The classes are very interactive. To ensure everyone gets the most value out of the program, all participants will be expected to actively take part via audio, video, and chat throughout the course.

Class Schedule

 There are two and a half hours of dedicated live, online class time for each module. In addition to the class time, there are assignments that must be completed independently by each learner. These pre-learning modules can be taken at your own pace but must be completed before the next class session. Please estimate approximately 20-40 minutes of additional work to complete each of these self-paced modules.

Course Description

Principles of Supervisionfor leaders with supervisory responsibilities

  • Designed for managers, supervisors, and leads who are new to supervising others or just need a refresher
  • This online, workshop-style course is offered via 7 interactive modules with asynchronous and synchronous components over a 3-week period
  • Topics cover fundamental skills such as directing and delegating work, performance management, providing feedback and team engagement
  • Participants will use this Learner Guide during the live classes - please purchase the Learner Guide prior to class start
  • CSU Learning & Development offers a systemwide version of the class twice a year (all campuses are welcome to join)

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