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Human Resources Service Center

Performance Evaluation Forms

Temporary Virtual Process for Performance Evaluations

Managers should plan on completing evaluations (and on being evaluated) under normal timelines. Keep in mind that the present circumstances may not represent the full range of an employee’s annual work performance.

For downloading and opening PDF documents we recommend Chrome browser with Adobe Reader plug-in enabled.  Review Knowledge Base articles Enabling Adobe Reader plug-in in Chrome(opens in new window) and Opening PDFs from Box(opens in new window).

Preferred: Electronic Signature

If you can add your signature electronically, please do. If you need help adding an electronic signature on a performance evaluation form, please reach out via Teams chat(opens in new window) to our staff (and they will respond as soon as possible during business hours) or email

For employees that already have access to Adobe Sign, we will accept forms routed for signature through Adobe Sign. When routing for signature, cc: Only campus email addresses should be used when routing for signature.

Alternative: Email Routing Process

  1. Download, complete and save the evaluation.
  2. Provide a draft to your appropriate administrator for review prior to presenting to the employee.
  3. Once the draft review is complete, set up a Zoom meeting with the employee. If Zoom is not an available option, set up a phone meeting.
  4. The manager emails the completed performance evaluation to the employee.
  5. Meet with the employee via Zoom (or phone) and talk through the evaluation.
  6. The employee emails it back to the manager/chair with any comments. Include the following statement:  "I certify that this performance evaluation/appraisal has been discussed with me, and understand that my e-signature/email does not necessarily indicate agreement with the evaluation/appraisal." 
  7. The manager/chair forwards the employee’s email (with attached evaluation) to the appropriate administrator.
  8. The appropriate administrator emails the form, noting their approval, to (or HR liaison to forward) for processing.
  9. Professional Development will PDF the document, with the emails, into one document and save to print later.
  10. Professional Development will update PeopleSoft with the evaluation information.

Questions about this process can be forwarded to Professional Development or Beverly Gentry. A report of your department's performance evaluation schedule can be run by your division HR Partner or by Professional Development upon request.

The performance evaluation form is an important tool that encourages continued dialogue between supervisor and employee. The employee classification(opens in new window) determines the Unit or CBID for the employee, which determines the form to use.

Current forms for staff and management are listed below.  Forms open in Box and you must download form then once opened in Acrobat click Enable All Features button to complete form. Note: the browser will display an error, look for the file in your downloads.

Managers must use the same form for similarly situated employees in their department.