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Flexible Work Arrangements

Chico State supports implementation of flexible work arrangements that consider an individual’s personal needs when such schedules accomplish the university’s business needs and do not diminish the productivity or quality of service provided to our students and employees.  The standard State work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day. A Standard State Schedule Matrix is available to help part time employees and departments know what is the standard State work schedule based on the employee’s time base.

Types of Flexible Work Arrangements

TELEWORK:  Working from a remote location (within the State of California) one or more days per week.

FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE:  Daily start and end times, totaling eight (8) hours per day, that differ from the traditional 8:00am-5:00pm schedule. 

For example, an employee may work 8:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday.

ALTERNATE OR COMPRESSED WORK SCHEDULES:  Work schedules that are typically 8 hours/day on days that are outside the standard State Monday through Friday work schedule (alternate schedule) or work schedules that enable an employee to work longer hours in fewer days (compressed work week). 

Examples include a Sunday – Thursday work schedule, 8 hours per day (alternate) or a 4-day workweek at 10 hours per day (also called 4/10 or compressed).  (Based on applicable collective bargaining agreements.)

Requesting a Flexible Work Arrangement

To request a flexible work arrangement, follow these steps:

Discuss options with your appropriate administrator.  Employees and appropriate administrators should first review Work Schedule Guidelines to ensure requests comply with collective bargaining agreements before completing the necessary paperwork for final approval.


Employees must complete an Individualized Telework Agreement form and an Off-Campus Use of University Equipment form (PDF) and submit the forms to their appropriate administrator for initial approval.  Final approval from the Division Vice President or the President (for full-time telework requests) is required. Employees are not permitted to begin teleworking until all approvals are received and the approved form is submitted to Human Resources.


  1. TERMINATION OF TELEWORK AGREEMENT:  Employee shall be given 21-days' notice before a telework agreement ends, except by mutual agreement or in case of an emergency.
  2. MODIFICATION OF A TELEWORK AGREEMENT:  Employee shall normally be given 48-hours' notice before any temporary change to a telework agreement, except by mutual agreement or in case of an emergency.

Flexible time:

An employee may submit a written request for this type of change. Adjustments to an employee’s standard shift start and end times require advance approval by their appropriate administrator.

Alternate or Compressed Work Schedule:

Employees must complete a Notice of Work Schedule Change An approved form must be on file in Payroll prior to the effective date of the alternate and/or compressed work schedule.

Manager Resources

Before approving any form of flexible work schedule/arrangement, managers are expected to:

Review the following:

Ensure the following:

  • Flexible work arrangements are equitably distributed amongst staff within their department/unit
  • Adequate department/unit staffing is provided Monday – Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
  • All required forms and documents are approved and on-file in Human Resources

Additional resources: