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About the Humanities Center

Founded in 1999, The Humanities Center in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at CSU, Chico creates and nurtures an interdisciplinary culture of ideas. Each year a theme is selected, and prominent scholars and artists are invited to give presentations on campus. The Center has been successful in bringing eight Presidential Scholars to campus, philosophers Richard Rorty and Martha Nussbaum, historians Anthony Grafton, Edward J. Larson, and James McPherson, novelist Richard Powers, architect and writer Witold Rybczynski, and aesthetician Elaine Scarry. In addition to talks by outside speakers, the Center regularly hosts informal talks, debates and panel discussions.  Since its creation, the Humanities Center, unique in the CSU system, has become an important and indispensable part of the intellectual life of CSU, Chico.

Board Members


Rob Davidson, English, Phone: 530-898-6372, E-mail: rgdavidson@csuchico.edu


Heather Altfield, English and Honors Program, Phone: 530-898-4455, E-mail: hfisher@csuchico.edu

Nathan Heggins Bryant, English, Phone: 530-898-3843, Email: nhegginsbryant@csuchico.edu

Hannah Burdette, International Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Phone: 530-898-4063, E-mail: hburdette@csuchico.edu

Troy Jollimore, Philosophy, Phone: 530-898-5122, E-mail: tjollimore@csuchico.edu

Erin K Kelly, English, Phone: 530-898-6277, E-mail: ekkelly@csuchico.edu

Rachel Middleman, Art and Art History, Phone: 530-898-5850, E-mail: rmiddleman@csuchico.edu

William Nitzky, Anthropology, Phone: 530-898-4953, E-mail: wnitzky@csuchico.edu

Sarah Pike, Religious Studies, Phone: 530-898-6341, E-mail: spike@csuchico.edu

Hope Smith, Music and Theatre, Phone: 530-898-6128, Email: hmsmith@csuchico.edu 

Corey Sparks, English and Humanities, Phone: 530-898-3843, E-mail: ctsparks@csuchico.edu

Daniel Veidlinger, Religious Studies, Phone: 530-898-4637, E-mail: dveidlinger@csuchico.edu

Najm al-Din Yousefi, History and Comparative Religion, Phone: 530-898-5386, E-mail: nyousefi@csuchico.edu


Joseph Alexander, Phone: 530-898-5334, E-mail: jalexander@csuchico.edu

Tracy Butts, Interim Dean, Phone: 530-898-5146, E-mail: tbutts@csuchico.edu

Laura Nice, Humanities, Phone: 530-898-5534, E-mail: lnice@csuchico.edu


The chief purposes of the Humanities Center are to nurture an intellectual community within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts; to stimulate and enrich the discussion of important ideas and themes among HFA faculty; and to encourage their professional development. To that end the Humanities Center will

  • Invite regularly prominent scholars to campus both to give public lectures on their work and to lead symposia for interested faculty.
  • Sponsor regular reading groups, some centered around the work of a recognized seminal thinker and others around an interdisciplinary theme of broad interest.
  • Establish a schedule of faculty research presentations and talks whereby both junior and senior faculty can speak on their current research interests and receive feedback from their colleagues.
  • Sponsor a year-long film series.
  • Undertake other activities designed to encourage and support the intellectual missions of both the college and the university