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Micromouse is actually a miniature Robot controlled by a Microcontroller.
The mouse has to find its way through an arbitrary maze. It competes with
other mice to see which one finds the center of the maze within the least amount of time. The Micro Mouse competition is held once a year in Spring around April It includes a design contest, a paper contest and Micro Mouse. Students can enter the competition individually or with a group.Participants are required to be members of IEEE.

Mark Miliano, the Micro Mouse officer and the instructor of ECE191 (Micro
Mouse design & construction), says he would recommend students who are interested in Micro Mouse to take ECE186 and ECE285. However, those two courses are not necessary as long as they can build a Micro Mouse by using the knowledge they have. Here is the picture of Mark Millano's Micromouse.

Awards and Achievements

Spring 2003

+ Truong Pham took first place with the slow but steady Turtle

Spring 2002

+ Jatin (Jay) Patel secured first place in the Micromouse competition with a time period of 28 seconds.

+ Omar Fathallah secured first place in the Design Contest.

Spring 2001

+ Dustin Hess secured first place in the Micromouse competition competition with a new record time of 23 seconds.

+ Aaron Lager secured third place in the Design Contest.

Links to Chico State Micromouse Help and History

+ Lifeng Jiang's Micromouse Page - Great history of Micromouse at Chico State, with pictures!
+ A lot of helpful hints on Chico State Alum Pete Sullivan's Page

+ View the IEEE Spring 2003 conference at UOP and Truong Pham's Turtle in action!
+ View the Micromouse Clipping

General Links

+ Design and Development of a Micromouse (University of London)
+ Micromouse Resource Page (University of London)

+ UC Davis Micromouse Page

+ WSU Micromouse Page
+ Micromouse Competition Rules
+ Peter Harrison's Micromouse Page
+ John Wiederhold's Micromouse Page

Maze Generators

+ Mazer 1.0
+ Maze Generation
+ Adrian Fisher Maze Design

+ Thanks go out to Lifeng Jiang and Pete Sullivan as well as Mark Milliano and Quing Wang for their input




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