International Education and Global Engagement

SUSI 2019 Readings

Readings will be selected to provide you with valuable context to enrich your conversations with guest speakers and other program partners.  Please continue to check this page as we update readings throughout the program.

Please read these articles BEFORE our first day of academic sessions, on Friday June 14:

Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Philadelphia (2011). Guardian of Democracy: The Civic Mission of Schools (PDF).

Kranich, Nancy & Barbara Lewis (2001). Equality and Equity of Access: What's the Difference? (PDF)  

Spring, J. (2010).  The history and goals of public education. (PDF) In American Education (pp.3-29). New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill. 

Wyatt-Nichol, H. (2011). The enduring myth of the american dream: mobility, marginalization, and hope. (PDF) International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 14(2), 258-279.

Xiong, S. & Lee, S.E. (2011). Hmong students in higher education and academic support programs (PDF). Hmong Studies Journal, 12, 1-20.

These readings will support the academic content presented throughout the program:

Ainscow, Mel. (2003). Developing Inclusive Education Systems: What Are the Levers for Change? (PDF) 1-16.

Coley, R.J. & Sum, A. (2012). Fault Lines in Our Democracy: Civic Knowledge, Voting Behavior, and Civic Engagement in the United States (PDF).

Emanuel, R. (2013). Chicago Politics (PDF)Time, June 10, 2013, 38-43.  

King, M.L. Jr. (1963). Letter from Birmingham Jail (PDF).

Stein, J. (2013). The New Greatest Generation: Why Millennials Will Save Us All (PDF)Time, May 20, 2013, 27-34. 

United Nations.  (1948). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (PDF).

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