May 11, 2015Vol. 45, Issue 5

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Photo of Hanna Aist

An Extraordinary Take on the Everyday

Hanna Aist aims to transform the mundane through art

Honors art major Hanna Aist was the inaugural winner of the Mary K. Rolland NYC Art Studio Visit Award, a unique opportunity for top-flight Chico State art students to experience the Mecca of the art world in the U.S. Her paintings are arresting depictions of the mundane: what she calls “a fascination with everyday scenes, objects, and rituals.”

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Photo of Joey Regino

Moved to Care

Joey Regino was inspired to pursue nursing after the death of his father

Twenty-nine-year-old Joey Regino found his calling in nursing in 2010 when his father became terminally ill. Since that time, he has consistently worked to serve others less fortunate than himself and started a foot-washing clinic for the homeless. In December, he will graduate with a 3.9 GPA in his major and become the first in his family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

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Grad Stories

Photo of Nicole McAllister

From Chico to Capitol Hill

Graduating triple-major Nicole McAllister has spent the semester in Washington, D.C., working for U.S. Representative John Garamendi. She returns to Chico for commencement this week before finishing out this congressional session.

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Grad Stories

Photo of Dillon Johnson

Agriculture Meets Economics

If you asked Dillon Johnson how he managed to graduate with a dream job in hand, he would tell you that it was luck, and everything "just clicked." But, in truth, his success has everything to do with his unflagging determination in turning ideas into action.

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Grad Stories

Photo of AJ Sivalingam

On the Front Lines of the Cyberwars

AJ Sivalingam came to Chico to be a doctor, but will instead leave with a degree in criminal justice. But his initial passion for diagnosing illness in complex systems carries through to his research in information security.

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Grad Stories

Photo of Min Yeo

Finding ‘Family’ in Chico

Min Yeo always dreamed of living and studying abroad. She moved from South Korea to Chico when she was 20 to pursue a bachelor's in business information systems. This week, she graduates with a 3.9 GAP as summa cum laude, and in July, she'll begin a new job in LA.

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What Would You Tell Your Freshman Self?

In this video, seniors share their touching—and funny—reflections on their college careers. Watch the video.


125th Commencement

Four days of commencement ceremonies begin Thursday, May 14. Search #Chico2015 on social media for a live chronicle of events. See schedule.

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