International Admissions & Outreach

Course Registration

Undergraduate Students (Bachelor's)

An advisor will register you for your first semester's classes after you have activated your Portal account and submitted your Intent to Enroll decision. You may make changes to these courses with an advisor's permission.  If you have questions about this process or about the classes in which you registered, please e-mail

Graduate Students – (Master’s)

Graduate Students are responsible for registering for courses. To do so:

(1) Activate your Portal account.

(2) After logging into the Portal, select “Enter the Student Center.” Select the “Enrollment Dates” option on the right side of the page. This will tell you the time and date when you are first allowed to register for classes. Note: Your appointment to register will be posted about one week prior to your appointment date.

(3) Contact your Graduate Coordinator for academic advising.

(4) Register for your desired courses as soon as possible after your Registration appointment to ensure you get the courses you want.

Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial (opens in new window)

  1. Log into your Portal account.
  2. Use the "Student Center" link located in the "Common Student Systems" window.
  3. Click "Enrollment" from the column on the left and then click "Enroll in Classes."
  4. Select the appropriate term and year from the pull-down menu, if needed.
  5. Enter the class number (found on the Class Schedule) for the first class you want to take or use the search function. 
    1. You can filter your search by selecting a "Subject" or "Class Attribute" from the drop down menus. 
  6. Click on the "Search" button
  7. Once the search is complete, you can see more details about a course by selecting the arrow on the left of the section ID.
  8. To enroll in a course, click the "Enroll" button on the bottom right corner of the screen OR select the three-dot (toggle) menu to see "Additional Actions" and then choose "Enroll."
    1. You can also choose to add the course to your "Shopping Cart," which will allow you to enroll at a later time. 
  9. If the class is full and you would like to be waitlisted for the class, check the "Wait List if Class is Full" option.
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 8 until you have enrolled in all of the classes you want to take OR you have added them to your "Shopping Cart." 
  11. If you did not use the "Shopping Cart" option, go on to step 
  12. To finish enrolling in to the courses you added to your "Shopping Cart," click "Enrollment" from the column on the left and then Select "Shopping Cart."
  13. Select the courses you want to enroll into and then click the "Enroll" button.
  14. Double check that you successfully registered for your classes by clicking the "Class Schedule" option from the column on the left. 

Exchange Students (J-1 visa holders)

Directions for registration will be given to you with your acceptance packet. As an exchange student, you will have slightly different processes than other international students at the University. It is very important to read all directions given to you by the Study Abroad Office very carefully.