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Orientation & Testing

Fall 2013: August 20 - 23, 2013

Prior to the beginning of each semester, the Office of International Education offers a special orientation for new international students.  The orientation agenda includes information regarding the following topics:

  • Welcome and Staff Introductions
  • Health, Safety, and Conduct
  • Culture Shock and Adjustment
  • Immigration Compliance
  • Chico State Website and Student Portal Functionality
  • Tips for Academic Success
  • Campus Tour
  • Academic Advising
  • California State University Immunization Requirements
  • Chico 101 - Transportation, Housing, Shopping, and Fun in Chico
  • American Culture and Customs
  • Assistant with Purchasing Health Insurance

Also included are some fun activities, free breakfast and lunch, and an information fair where students can connect with departments from across campus and people from local businesses who have products and services that are useful for them.  It is a great opportunity to meet other international students and learn about your new university!

Please join us for New International Student Orientation.  We are looking forward to meeting you and are here to help you begin your educational journey in the U.S.  We are your partners in success!


New Student Handbook - the booklet covers a wide range of introductory information about CSU, Chico about the city of Chico.  Save it on your laptop for quick reference!

Communicating with Americans - Intercultural communication (by Tom Grothe).

U.S. Medical System - Health care in the U.S.: Where to go to get help when you are sick or injured.

Immigration Regulations - How to stay in compliance with U.S. Customs & Immigration Services.

Chico 101 - History and information about the city of Chico.

Bicycling in Chico - safety tips

B-Line information - How to use the bus system in Chico.

Tips for Academic Success - Dr. Rebecca Berner's tips for success in the U.S. classroom.


International students, who are admitted as freshman, are required to take the Entry Level Math (ELM) test prior to being able to register into a math course.  Freshman International students are required to take the ELM on the Saturday prior to the beginning of each semester.  The date and time of the ELM, along with how to register for the test, is communicated to all new students in their welcome packets.  If you have questions about whether you need to take the ELM or how to register for the test, please e-mail the Office of International Education at