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Visiting Scholars

Resources For J Visiting Scholars, Departments & Faculty 

J Exchange Visiting Scholars

California State University, Chico is proud to have hosted many visiting international scholars from around the world. These scholars enrich the campus in many ways including teaching courses, collaborating with Chico colleagues on research projects, and performing in a wide range of arts fields. In doing so, they engage in the activities of the campus community, sharing their international and cultural experiences and perspectives, and providing rich learning opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and community members. 

Visiting Scholars must be hosted by a CSU, Chico department. The Office of International Education (OIE) oversees invitations of visiting scholars for California State University, Chico, including assisting the scholar in obtaining a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa if needed.

For more information on the procedures for inviting visiting scholars, CSU, Chico faculty and staff may contact any of the following individuals:

Frank Li, Interim Director

James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr., R.O., International and Exchange Advisor         

CindyMcKay, A.R.O., International Student Advisor                                                                                                                                   

Guidelines and Procedures For Departments: 

1)  Creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

2)  Processes for Hosting International Visitors

3)  Procedures for Inviting an Exchange Visitor 

     English Language Proficiency Guidelines

     Supporting Documents:

     EV1-Department Request to Host Exchange Visitor

     EV2&3-Prospective EV Request for Certificate of Eligibility DS-2019

     EV4 - Program Evaluation

References for Scholars

   1. Safety and Security

   2. United States Department of State Welcome

   3. Pre-Arrival and Arrival Information

   4. Required Validation - Checking in with the OIE

   5. Maintaining Immigration (J-1 and J-2) Status

   6. Financial Considerations

   7. J-1 Program Restrictions

   8. Travel and Returning to the U.S.

   9. Health Considerations

   10. Social Security Number (SSN)

   11. Driving in California

   12. Your Privileges at California State Universtiy, Chico - WildCat Card

   13. Community Resources

       a. Housing and Living

       b. Utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.)

       c. Telephone/Cell Phone

       d. Transportation

       e. Education/Family Resources

       f. Recreation and Sports

       g. Religious Matters

  14. Wilberforce Pamphlet on the Rights and Protection for Temporary Workers

Comprehensive information about the J-1 Visa Exchange Program can be found at