Institutional Research

Institutional Research (IR)

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research at California State University, Chico. We believe that data is only as valuable as the decisions it enables.

Chico State At A Glance

Fact Book

The IR produced Fact Book is a list of links to census-based information shown through interactive dashboards. Topics include applications, retention, persistence, graduation, degrees conferred, course grades, and diversity measures.

Chico State Cognos Analytics

Chico State Cognos (Log-In(opens in new window) / How To's(opens in new window)) is an internal campus reporting tool that allows users to drill-down and display data at both the aggregate and detail levels. Data is:

  • Mostly operational and standardized to follow definitions used for periodic census reporting to the Chancellor's Office. 
  • Refreshed multiple times per day to allow for more real-time data-informed decision-making.
  • Requires a campus user account and IP address.  VPN connection(opens in new window) required if off-campus.