Institutional Research

SET Forms

Per the Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures (FPPP) document, the following are our University Student Evaluation of Teaching (USET) Committee-approved standard instruments (listed alphabetically):

USET-approved Forms
Form Name SectionsNumber of Multiple Choice QuestionsNumber of Free-Form Questions
Form U (PDF)6214
Form V (PDF)3153
Form U (up to Term Fall 2020) (PDF)3153

A SIR II to Form U/V mapping (PDF) was developed by USET to assist faculty who are interested in continuing trend analysis of their SET results from SIR II to either Form U or Form V. Note that not all 45 questions in SIR II map to Form U or to Form V. Likewise, Form U item 3.5 and Form V item I.8 (The instructor follows the course syllabus) also do not map to SIR II.

Note: As of August 1, 2017 our campus no longer supports the 45-question SIR II SET form developed by the Educational Testing Service(opens in new window) (ETS). Our campus license that authorizes us to deliver SIR II using our Scantron Class Climate survey(opens in new window) delivery system expired July 31, 2017. For your reference, here are additional information regarding SIR II:

Form U (PDF) and Form V (PDF) were both developed on our campus and are both approved by USET. The main difference between the two is that Form V is a validated form (hence the use of "V"). When a form is validated, it means that the researcher has come to the opinion that the survey is measuring what it was designed to measure, or the researcher has received a statement from another researcher indicating that they believe the instrument is measuring what it was designed to measure.