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Student Feedback on Teaching and Learning (SFOT)


The Student Feedback on Teaching and Learning (SFOT) is a short assessment of faculty on campus by the students in their classrooms, it is an opportunity to provide constructive input on how faculty can potentially improve how they teach their courses at Chico State. SFOT's are conducted each semester, (fall, winter, spring, and summer), all survey responses are anonymous.

SFOT’s serve as one component of the University’s strategy for improved student learning and should be combined with additional assessment methods, such as peer observations and teaching portfolios.

SFOT refers to the specific questionnaires as well as the processes used to accomplish the systematic campus-wide collection of student feedback, analysis, reporting and interpretation of data and feedback on the quality of teaching and learning in order to do the following:

Establish processes and instruments to provide accurate, timely, reliable, and valid information to contribute to evaluation of teaching (parameters);
Provide feedback to faculty for improved teaching and learning (formative);
Contribute information to retention, tenure, and promotion decision-making (evaluative).

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