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Campus Fee Advisory Committee Members

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) operates under the direction of Executive Memorandum 22-014.(opens in new window)

CFAC is composed of eleven voting members and two non-voting members:

  • Associated Students President
  • Associated Students Executive Vice President
  • Associated Students Vice President of Business and Finance
  • Associated Students Director of University Affairs (or Designee)
  • 1 student at large appointed by the Student Academic Senate (SAS)
  • 1 student appointed by the Student Academic Senate (SAS)
  • Two faculty members, appointed by the President, following consultation with the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate
  • Chair of the Academic Senate (or Designee)
  • Vice President for Business and Finance (or Designee), non-voting
  • Vice President for Student Affairs (or Designee)
  • One college dean, designated by the Provost
  • President-appointed committee chair (non-voting)

Student members are appointed annually and faculty, staff, and MPP members will be appointed for staggered two-year terms. All appointments shall be made within 30 days of the beginning of the academic year. When possible, appointments should be made prior to the end of the prior academic year.

The Office of the Provost provides staff support to the committee to coordinate meetings, take minutes, track allocations, and generate relevant campus communications.

See a list of the Campus Fee Advisory Committee members here.