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Instructionally Related Activities

IRA Committee Members and Staff

Voting members of the IRA Advisory Committee are comprised of four students and four faculty who operate under the direction of Executive Memorandum 16-002.(opens in new window)

The Corporate Code of the Associated Students (AS) lists the students that are appointed to the committee. Currently they are the AS Executive Vice President, who serves as the Chair of the IRA Committee, the AS President, and two additional students at large. The two additional students are appointed by the EVP and the President with approval from the Government Affairs Committee. All students serve a one-year term unless they are re-elected or re-appointed by the AS.

The faculty are appointed by the campus President upon recommendation of the Academic Senate Executive Committee. The faculty members each serve a two-year term.

The Advisory Committee is supported by four staff members from various academic offices on campus: the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Office of the Vice President for University Advancement, and the University Budget Office. Staff support members are not formal committee members and are non-voting.

Voting Members




Anthony Ruiz, AS Executive Vice President and Chair

thru 2019-20 AY

Trevor Guthrie, AS President

thru 2019-20 AY

Chris Rufo, Student-at-Large

thru 2019-20 AY

Emily Bruns, Student-at-Large

thru 2019-20 AY

Adam Irish, Faculty

thru 2019-20 AY

Dennis O'Connor, Faculty

thru 2019-20 AY

Gary Braun, Faculty

thru 2019-21 AY

Hope Munro, Faculty

thru 2019-21 AY