Instructionally Related Activities

IRA Work Study

2022-23 IRA Work Study Budgets

BSS - Museum of Anthropology7,000
BSS - Outdoor Classroom4,026
CME - Tehama Group Communications2,000
HFA - All Programs66,870
NSC - Hands On Lab7,500

Each fiscal year, Work Study dollars are allocated to IRA-certified activities/programs. These dollars are derived from the 1/3 set aside for financial aid.

A call for requests for Work Study funds is issued in the Spring semester to the Dean/Director responsible for IRA activities/programs. The Dean/Director is responsible for disseminating the call for requests to each activity/program director. The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) reviews the requests and allocates the funds on a need basis at the beginning of the following fiscal year. IRA Work Study dollars can only be used for students involved in IRA activities/programs. Historically, there is a greater amount of Work Study dollars requested than is available for allocation. IRA Work Study dollars do not roll over from one fiscal year to the next.

Please use the Work Study Funding Request (PDF) form to submit your request in the Spring.