Instructionally Related Activities

Application Procedure

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for Certification have been suspended for 2022-23

Eligibility and Funding Determination

I. Eligibility

Activities/programs recommended for support from Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) funds must be certified by the Provost as academically valid and must be declared eligible for IRA funding by the Provost, in accordance with the criteria specified below. If an activity/program that has been discontinued wishes to become recertified they must reapply for certification.

II. Criteria

  1. Be substantially related to an instructional program and a direct extension of the in-class experience;
  2. Have direct faculty involvement in the management and supervision of the activity/program;
  3. Provide an identifiable benefit to a significant number of students;
  4. Enhance the overall balance of university activities/programs and the breadth and balance of the IRA activities/programs;
  5. Cannot duplicate another university certified activity.

III. Funding Process

Following review of all proposals, the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) will submit their budget recommendation to the Provost for final approval. Activity/program funding is an entirely separate issue and certification does not guarantee IRA funding.

IV. Proposal Format

Utilizing the Request for Certification form (PDF), please explain the proposed activity/program. Be sure to detail the project and include an estimated budget. Once the dean/director approves the proposal, forward the request to The activity/program advisor and college/unit dean/director will be invited to a scheduled CFAC meeting to present the proposal. Upon the Campus Fee Advisory Committee's activity/program certification recommendation, the request is then forwarded to the Provost for final approval.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for Certification have been suspended for 2022-23.