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Information Resources

May 2019 Student and Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Student Staff Spotlight

Sara Vierra

Student Assistant

Information Resources

Sara will begin working as the Student Assistant in the Information Resources office beginning in fall 2019. She is a first year and is planning on graduating in fall of 2022 with a degree in Criminal Justice. She is also a member of the Criminal Justice Student Organization. Following graduation she plans on starting the California Highway Patrol Academy.

She is originally from Middletown, California. Sara enjoys all the sunny weather Chico has to offer. Sara’s favorite place to eat is Woodstock’s Pizza in downtown Chico. Her go to order is a vegetable pizza. Sara’s favorite place on campus to visit is the wrec or down by the creek.

When she is not in class she is often found at the CHP office participating in explorer meetings or going on a ride-along.

Next time you see Sara on campus make sure to say hello!

sara vierra portrait