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Staff Spotlight

Tiffany Drobny

Reprographics Specialist IV

University Printing Services

Tiffany has been working on campus with University Printing Services for 11 years. Her favorite parts about Chico are the amazing people that she has met over the years and taking in the beauty of the numerous parks throughout the seasons. Outside of the office, Tiffany’s favorite place to visit on campus is the creek. When Tiffany is not at work she loves to craft with her husband. Some of her favorite things are wood working, cooking, painting, and sewing. She loves learning how to do new projects and sharing her talents with others.

Tell us about yourself!

My husband and I have been together for 19 years (both raised in Chico) and have 4 children. Our oldest, Braiden, is in his senior year of high school and will be joining us at Chico State next fall. Gabriel is our quiet tween who loves soccer and animals. Zachary is a Star Wars diehard who enjoys playing soccer and Emilia is two and has more than enough personality for all of us. This past fall we added a new member to our family, Fiona. Fiona is our 6 month old cavapoo. She looks like a walking teddy bear and is currently in training to be a therapy puppy. Our family loves traveling, games and just about anything outdoors. Some of our favorite outdoor adventures are hiking, kayaking, mud kart racing and playing tennis, but regardless what we’re doing, we enjoy spending as much time as we can as a family, year round, enjoying Lake Almanor and the surrounding area.

Next time you see Tiffany on campus make sure to say hello!

Photograph of Richard Wilkerson