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Staff Spotlight

Teresa Miller


IASC- IRES Administrative Service Center

Teresa has been working on campus for almost 19 years, 7 of which have been as a manager in the IASC department. She enjoys living in Chico because of the proximity of the mountains, as well as the weather. Teresa’s favorite place to visit on campus is the creek.  When Teresa is not on campus she enjoys snowmobiling and horseback riding. Her favorite place to eat in Chico is Broadway Heights and her go-to order is a half prosciutto Caesar salad.

Tell us about yourself!

I come from a large family and I am a middle child. I have 3 older sisters, an older brother and 3 younger sisters. My youngest sisters are identical triplets. In case you are wondering how you get identical triplets, one egg splits and then one half splits again. I've been married to my husband for 27 years. We have twin sons, Cody and Cade, who came to school at Chico State. Cody graduated with a Business Admin Finance Degree (2017) and works at Interwest Insurance in Chico. Cade graduated with a Criminal Justice Degree (2018) and is a probation officer in Lassen County. We have one dog, a toy Australian Shepherd named Rascal, and 4 Horses named Oliver, Suzie, Joe and Red. Three are Quarter horses and one is a Thoroughbred. All of the horses were given to us when the owners could no longer take care of them. During the winter months you will find me snowmobiling most weekends (snow permitting) in the mountains. Looking forward to another amazing winter of snowmobiling!