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Student Spotlight

Gabrielle Pate

Student Health IT


Gabrielle has been working for as the Student Health IT in ITSS for a year and a half. She is expecting to graduate in 2020 with a degree in computer science and game development. Following graduation she is hoping to have time to work on writing and publishing her novels and potentially start working on some indie game titles.

She is originally from Ceres and Modesto, California. Gabrielle’s favorite part about living in Chico is the food options. At the end of every week she treats herself to her favorite place to eat, Sushi Burrito King. Her go-to order there is a mocha boba tea and a sashimi sushi burrito. On campus her favorite place to visit is Meriam Library.

When she is not in class she enjoys creating lots of art - digital media mostly. One of Gabrielle’s talents is making tiny duck sculptures out of tin foil.

Next time you see Gabrielle on campus, make sure to say hello!