Information Resources

University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC)


Executive Memorandum 06-84, Policy on Information Technology Governance

The University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) is a standing committee that reports to the Chief Information Officer and provides a forum for broad-based advice and assistance in implementing Chico's Information Technology Strategic Plan. The committee reviews project plans and assists in setting implementation priorities. The UTAC will make technology and policy recommendations to the CIO. The CIO, the UTAC chair, or UTAC by majority vote, will bring recommendations to the executive technology committee.

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Samuel Akinwande, Student Representative - Associated Students
Joe Alexander, College of Humanities & Fine Arts Appointee
Stephanie Bianco, College of Natural Sciences Appointee
Rebecca Cagle, Human Resources Service Center and BITS Appointee
Jim Connolly, College of Business Appointee
Bryan Dixon, College of Engineering, Computer Science, & Construction Management Appointee
Jim Forberg, Research & Sponsored Programs Appointee
Barbara Fortin, Enrollment Management Appointee
Kim Jaxon, Academic Senate Appointee
Allen Lunde, University Advancement Appointee
Shady Makar, Student Representative - Associated Students
Larry Maligie, Regional and Continuing Education Appointee
Jennifer Meadows, College of Communication and Education
Jeremy Olguin, Accessibility Resource Center Appointee
Kate Post, University Communications Appointee
Dan Reed, Student Affairs Appointee
Michael Schilling, Vice Provost for Information Resources
Laura Sederberg, Staff Council Appointee
Jodi Shepherd, Library Appointee
Ruben Sargsyan, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences Appointee
Eddie Vela, Provosts Academic Council (PAC) Appointee
Jessica Westbay, University Labor Council Appointee