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Information Resources

EDUCAUSE Student Technology Survey

What is this survey?

The EDUCAUSE Survey of Student and Technology is an annual survey of undergraduate student use of information technology sponsored by EDUCAUSE(opens in new window). CSU, Chico has been participating in this survey since 2013.

When is the survey available?

The survey will be available to all CSU, Chico undergraduate students from February 25th through March 15th, 2019.

How do I access the survey?

Between February 25th and March 15th, you can come to this page to take the survey, or log into your CSU, Chico Portal(opens in new window) account. A link to the survey will appear on the "Student Home" tab. 

Is this survey legit?

Yes, the survey is sponsored by EDUCAUSE(opens in new window) and presented by Information Resources(opens in new window) at CSU, Chico. Your answers to the survey are anonymous.

Why should I take the survey?

CSU, Chico is committed to continually improving the IT services provided to students, faculty, and staff. Your input is vital in helping us better understand the IT needs of student on campus, and guides us in improving the IT services we provide to campus.

How will the results of the survey be used?

The results of the survey will be used in a number of ways. First, the data we collect will be used to compare student use of technology in previous years so that we can identify trends and patterns. Second, the data will help us determine how good a job we are doing in providing IT services, and if there have been any improvements or declines since the last survey.

This data will help us identify and prioritize IT projects and service improvements so that we may better serve the students of CSU, Chico.

You can view a summary of the 2017 survey data (PDF) here.

How is my privacy protected?

EDUCAUSE and CSU, Chico collect no personally identifiable information from the survey. The data provided to CSU, Chico from the survey is anonymous.