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Information Security

DUO: Add Smartphone

Follow These Directions

  1. Go to you app store and download the DUO app:

(On an Iphone: allow push notifications)

Apple app storegoogle play

2. Go to the Chico State home page and then choose Portal:

3. Click on the Sign In Flag:


4. Use your credentials to log in:

5. When the duo appears, click on the settings menu:

   A  This will only work IF your account has been added to the enforcement group (MFA) in LDAP.

6. Click the Add a new device option:

7. Click the button on your token and enter the six digit code here, and then select Log in:

8. Defaults to mobile phone- click on continue:

9. Enter your ten digit phone number:

10. Click on the check box if the correct phone number has been added:

11. Select the phone type and then Continue:

12. You should have already downloaded the Duo app for your device (if not, it can be found at the top of the page):

13. Following the direction. Open the Duo app and click the '+', then San your unique QR code:

14. A green check mark will appear when successful:

15. Make sure the dropdown boxes set correctly:

   A.Correct device is listed the Default Device dropdown section

   B. Ask me to choose an authentication method is also selected, then select Continue to Login:

16 Your default device should show up in the window. Remember to select Remember me for 1 day under the Enter a code:

17. Next select the Send me a Push button:

18. You should receive a notification on your phone.

View the PDF version here:
Add Smart Phone (PDF)