Information Security

Registering a New Server

All campus computers that act as servers by providing information and services must be registered.  These include

  • Web servers
  • Application servers
  • File servers
  • E-mail servers
  • Database servers
  • Developer desktop computers running server software
  • Networked printers that are accessed from off-campus

Registering your server enables the Information Security Office (ISEC) and Network Operations to properly configure firewall rules for your system. Off-campus access to your server can only be enabled through registration. 

To register your server and to request an Omni account(opens in new window), to go to Omni and use your LDAP credentials to log in.

Events that trigger an Omni update
Server Trigger EventsSystem Administrator Action in Omni
New server connected to networkRegister new server.  New server notifies ISEC to start SSW process.
Addition/modification/deletion of border firewall rules.Edit firewall tab of server with change request.  Request notifies ISEC to review.
Change in server owner, application/database/server administratorCurrent management and staff information ensures the appropriate people are contacted in an incident to reduce down time.
Change in other Omni data fieldsCurrent data is used for period research and metric reporting.
Decommission or repurpose serverDeactivate server in Omni.  Deactivating preserves server history and notifies ISEC so firewall rules are removed.  Enter new server record if repurposing.

For more information contact the Information Security Office at