International Student Services

Financial Support Documentation

To qualify for admission, students must show proof of financial support based on the University’s estimate of one academic year’s expenses. The current estimated expenses for one year of study at CSU, Chico as an international student can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.  

Tuition & Fees

International students pay both registration fees and non-resident tuition.  On occasion, based on California State budgetary issues, fees may change.  Typically, fee changes are minimal.  To access the most recent information regarding registration fees and non-resident tuition rates, please visit the Student Financial Services home page.

Financial Support Documentation Needed

Students must submit:

1)  The Financial Support Form (PDF) - must be submitted by all students (privately funded and sponsored students)

2)  Proof of ability to meet one year's expenses (as listed above).  Proof can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Privately funded students -
    • Whomever is providing your financial support should be sure to complete Section B of the Financial Support Form
    • Sponsor should attach an original bank statement, certified copy of original bank statement, or a letter from a bank official verifying the amount available in the account being used for funding.  Bank documentation must have been issued within six months of submission.
  • Government sponsored students -
    • Sponsored students must submit financial guarantee letters to satisfy this requirement.  Letters must be addressed to CSU, Chico.

*Students with dependents must show documentation of an additional $5,000 to support each spouse or child that will accompany him/her.